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Its time you got your payday loan debts under control and we will help you with our proven 5 step payday loan consolidation program.

Best Payday Loan Debt Consolidation to help pay off your debt fast!

Are you among thousands of Americans who are trapped in payday loan debt?

Payday debt relief—we are the caring experts to help you now.

Our mission here at is to help you completely remove your debts easily over a reasonably short period of time. Get your debt under control and save money — let us do the work for you.

Payday loan debt relief—meaning that your pay check loans are completely paid under our program (which DOES NOT require or involve another loan)—is our ultimate goal.

Are you currently struggling with the following: Every paycheck you receive, the lenders take it away. All of your money goes to fees so you are faced with having no way to pay your bills. You are forced to secure more loans and pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without getting ahead.

At Payday Freedom, we know all to well about the high interest rates, the endless rollovers and the aggressive debt collector calls. We also know what the lenders can and can’t do and we know how to help you escape the payday loan trap.

Our team of expert negotiators have advanced knowledge of each states regulations and laws in regards to what lenders can and cannot do.

  • We will not hold your money for two or three months like most other companies do. We start paying lenders starting with your first payment. This is critical to a successful resolution and ensures lenders will work with us.
  • We are a legitimate and highly successful payday loan consolidation company based here in the U.S.
  • We handle all the negotiations with the payday lenders in house. Nothing is outsourced.
  • We will not sell your information to other companies.
  • And this program through Payday Freedom will not get reported on your credit report.

We can truly help free you from this financial burden and consolidate your payday loan debt at substantial savings! Please continue to read through our site and when you are ready call us or fill out the form to the right so we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.

Our goal at Payday Freedom is to help you completely pay off your debts easily in a short period of time. Get your debt under control and save money. Let us do the work for you through payday loan consolidation.

Why Do a Payday Loan Consolidation Settlement Solution

FL, TX, OH, CA, PA payday loan help – help with store & online pay check loans.

  • Payday loan debt relief services, affordably pay off and stop the pay check debt cycle
  • Prevent yourself from filing bankruptcy.
  • Prevent yourself from falling deeper into debt.
  • Stop harassing phone calls.
  • Start rebuilding your credit.
  • Save money by not paying the whole loan amount.
  • Save money by lowering the interest.
  • Pay one low payment to one creditor, instead of having several loan companies to keep track of

“Best help with payday loan debt consolidation – we are here to help and bring you legitimate relief. “Payday loan consolidation” is the most important term you should know if you’re in weekly or monthly pay check debt. It defines a program that consolidates (combines together) all your outstanding pay check or cash advance loans into a single sum that is affordable for you for paying down (part of our work for you). This sum is then paid off over a specified, fairly short period of time – usually from six months to a year. Want more good news? The total sum we work out with your store or online lenders is often reduced by the lenders as part of our agreement because you’re paying the debt off in good faith. This customer-to-lender negotiation is part of our company help service. The agreed upon sum is paid out over a given length of time to your creditors till the debt is no longer an obligation.

We take great pride in the fact that our program is legal (some aren’t and you should check all companies out) and is a legitimate settlement process that many thousands have used for successful assistance.  Eliminate fast your payday cash advance debt, and get your financial life and good credit back on track. We understand how this is affecting you and your family. We’re here to provide expert assistance that will have you back in financial freedom. You ask: How to eliminate this burden? We have the answers. Bankruptcy is a last resort and you don’t need or want to do that. What is needed is a method that really works with your creditor companies. Our program has worked for over ten years. Our settlement help for internet or street store (storefront) cash advance loans is the best proven approach.

What a relief this will be for you and loved ones. We work with online debt companies as well. We will be happy to explain how everything serves you, step by step. Payday loan debt consolidation – assistance for all states (where allowed) nationally. Los Angeles. LA. Orange County. Ventura County. Southern CA. Pasadena. Burbank. Riverside. Glendale. California. CA. San Francisco. Sacramento. Oakland. San Jose. SF Bay Area. Miami. Florida. Ohio. Texas. Pennsylvania. Houston. Dallas. San Antonio. Columbus. Cleveland. Philadelphia. Pittsburgh. TX. PA. OH. FL. CA. Call Payday Freedom today, or bookmark us. We legitimately help you.

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I cannot thank you enough for all of your help with this program. I’m glad to be done with it and have this behind me. I don’t know what I would have done without this program and your assistance. You provide a great service, and I’ll be happy to give my testimonial on your site.
4 out of 5 stars
Brian Hudson