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Fraudulent Debt Collectors

by David on Mar 31, 2010

Men with thick Indian accents are calling people trying to intimidate or scare them into paying payday loan debts that are either old or not theirs. They claim to be with firms such as Allied Financial Services, Cash Net USA, Advanced Credit Recovery, Cash Land, and Cash America and many other legal sounding or credible names.

These are phony debt collectors. Some of the phone numbers being used are:













My clients have reported many other calls from these people and we handled it for them. But the underlying number seems to be from area codes (818), (213), (310), and (714) for the most part.

These fraudulent collectors claim you will be arrested and placed in jail unless you send money to them immediately. They will even threaten to call your place of business and report to your boss or that you have a lawsuit against you when you were never notified to begin with.

Some people are getting voice mails to even have their attorney call them back which is just another one of their scare tactics. The amounts they are seeking from people are roughly between $400 and $1,000. These telephone calls are usually received on a Friday or weekend when government offices or the payday lenders you supposedly owe money to are closed.

Their objective of this scam is to scare the person into sending money via Money Gram, Western Union or to release their bank account info, in order to stop them from having the police from coming to arrest you. But remember you cannot and will not be arrested for not paying a debt. Not paying back a debt is a civil matter.

The callers show real phone numbers in the US but these so called debt collectors are calling from a call center in India using a Voice over IP.

Again, the name of the payday loan providers given is a sham. The scammers use both the name of a real payday loan outfit and even an attorney to make the person think it’s legitimate if they check it out on the web. Again, it’s completely fraudulent.

If you get this type of call whether you owe the debt or not get a hold of the original creditor and seek information regarding this. As well please go your state attorney general’s website and file a complaint. You can also file a separate complaint with the FTC. All this can be done online.

If you have been called or targeted please list the name and number below so others can benefit from it as well. We would love to stop these guys from preying on innocent people. You can also file a complaint at the Internet Crime Center

Some of our clients have used this intimidation tactic on the scammers. They start out asking the person calling them these simple questions:

”What did you say your name was?
Can you spell that for me?
What is your address?
Can you please spell that for me as well?
And what’s the best number to reach you or a direct line?
Then repeat it back to them.
What is the name of your company?
Can you spell that for me?
I need your supervisor’s name also, and please spell it for me.
I also need their direct line too.”

And so on and so forth…

They always get frustrated because the clients insist these questions be answered before the allow the scammer to speak and they always hang up first.

Another quick tactic is to just pretend you have no idea what they are saying because you can’t understand what they are saying.


  1. I have received everyone of these calls same scenerios, there for awhile it was really bad I was getting at least two or three a day every day they called on my cell phone, called me at work (I work for a government office) I tried everything to get them to stop calling nothing worked even gave them the police dept phone number. I told them that there was no one at my work by that name. They were awful, then all of the sudden they stopped for about 3 months then today they started again this time it was a woman and the caller ID came up as “top googlesites” no number. I started to listen to what she was saying as I thought it was some sort of telemarketer or someone wanting us to advertise with them,then she advised me that there was a lawsuit being filed against my SSN and that I was to appear in court tomorrow that is when I hung up on her, she called back almost immediatly and wanted to know why I hung up on her, I hung up again and she called back again, hung up on her for a third time, then I left to go home so not sure if she called again. So i am sure that I will start to receive these calls daily again.

  2. What’s up all, here every one is sharing these knowledge, therefore it’s fastidious to read this weblog, and I used to pay a visit this web site everyday.

  3. Brittany Lewis on   

    They did that to me today I didn’t know why to do so I paid the money I never been to jail I was scared of something I didn’t even do

  4. Same things done to me Starnet Inc.RAL 9196530786

  5. New scam California Cash Recovery
    “Brian Smith” ha that got me laughing as soon as he said it they are clearly foreign you can’t hardly understand what they are saying but its the whole same old scare tactics send us money or else I pretty much told you can’t get blood out of a rock and to kiss my @#$% because I know you don’t go to jail for civil matters.

  6. I received two of these calls. The first one, several weeks ago caught me off guard. Except for the thick Indian accest, it was very authentic sounding a somewhat scary because he kept saying that I had several judgments against me. I kept questioning what for and why and could not get an answer. Finally he said that some pay day loan company deposited $300 into my checking account and I did not pay it back. I knew he was wrong because I’m anal about my checking account and log in every day to monitor transactions and I knew that no one had deposited any money into it except me. The scary part was he knew my SS# and my bank account number. After ten minutes or so of being harassed, at first he said I would have to hire an attorney, then he said it would cost me $8,000 to take care of this, I finally hung up. Shaking, I called my bank and told them what happened. They put me in touch with their fraud department and because it’s their protocol to do so, they made me close that account and open a new one. Major inconvenience because I have a lot of automatic debits going to that account. Fast forward to today and I get another call from 806-496-3429 from some guy (again with broken English and a thick indian accent) claiming to be Sheriff Ricky something or other, I couldn’t make out the last name. He said he was a sheriff in Texas and there was a judgment against me, and they were going to arrest me in three days. Again, I got very upset, but kind of knew it was a scam so after a short time, I hung up. Then I found this site among others and realized the whole thing is indeed a scam. Well, I’m not done with this asshole. When I got home, I found his number on my phone and he also left a detailed message which I saved. I found the phone number is a Southwestern Bell (AT&T) phone number indeed from TX. I got the contact info to report them to the phone company but not before I have a little fun with this guy. Tomorrow I will call him back and pursue this a little. I’ll ask them when they are coming to arrest me because I’ve never been arrested before and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll ask if they will handcuff me because that really turns me on.Then I’ll ask if he will personally do a body cavity search because Indian men turn me on, I just love terrorists HAHAHA!!!. I have a few more things up my sleeve before I lower the boom on this scum bag and report his number to bell south along with filing a formal complaint. I’ll turn the tables on them and sue them or at least say I have a lawsuit against them and see how they like it. PLEASE do not fall for these phone calls. Call your phone company and report the number. Do everything you can to put these guys behind bars or at least out of business.

  7. My husband got a call at his job yesterday just leaving a number to call back and then we called it and got a voicemail with no name of company on it. I get a call this morning from same place saying that they are trying to seek restitution on a debt my husband owes from 2008. he said the statute of limitaions has run out and that is why they have it now and that in 2008 my husband got a payday loan through EZ Corp and that when presented to our bank it bounced and that if i didnt make arrangemnt with them to pay it right now he will have a server go to my husbands work and he will end up doing jail time and if he has to have back round checks for work that he would get fired because this will show up. He wouldnt tell me who he is collecting for if was this ez corp or the bank. tried to skirt around giving me the name of the company he worked for just gave me CCS so i acted stupid and said what is that. He said CASH CREDIT SERVICES they are on east coast. There number is 855-845-2641. This dont make sense to me because i paid bank whatever was owed i had to in order to get account at my new bank. so this dont seem right to me. anybody know who this place is or how to find out about this company.

  8. received a call to day from lady with heavy accent stating they represented a leagl service that had my name and social security number and legal action had been taken against me and they were come to my place of work and arrest me, i started to give her a rough time and she started stamerring and then kept repeating that legal action was being taken against me, I informed her that usually when legal action was being taken against someone they would receive notification through the mail and at times it would be certified or a registered letter. I told her to bring in on I was waiting for them. The phone number that I received the call from was 951-389-0292

  9. I had about 22 guys with thick curry breathed indian accents call me with Generic american names like Steve Anderson, Rick Williams , John Smith… etc etc… It took me a little while to figure out the first one, after that, they kept calling and I turned the tables… Some highlights and suggestions I have for peopel receiving these calls…

    1) Refer to the caller as APU (they like it when call them that)
    2) Google the phoine number that pops up on your phone, and start reading them what you find..
    3) Suggest to them that if they need more money, then stop tipping at restaurants (like one of them has ever left a penny extra in their entire life)
    4) Suggest to them that they suffocate their daughter so they do not have to pay the dowry (they like that one alot)
    5) Tell them you wish they were local so you could extend them a big LEFT handed handshake
    6) Ask them why they keep breeding, when their continent is already massively over populated
    7) Ask them how a country of 600 million on 1945 was ablr to be ruled by a pathetic little Island of 50 million…. Doesn’t that make them the biggest bunch of yellow cowards that God ever let in the door? (they like that one too)
    8) Ask them if they would like you to conference in the local department on the call, since your arrest is inevitable

    Tear them apart mercilously…. It is the only thing they understand… Make it clear that you would much prefer to be arrested than pay their lying, cheating, lazy, useless, scamming ass 1 dime… Until they understadn they are not gongi to receive a single penny you (which is the only outcome acceptable to them), they will keep calling… Once they understand that you know it is a scam, that they are powerless to do jack ____ and you are not going to give them anythign except a bunch of crap about their questionable heritage, then they will leave oyu alone… That is experience talking

  10. They use names like ERIC MURPHY and LEO FERNANDEZ and either claim to be lawyers, or debt collectors, or both. They are lying, filthy, scumbag subhuman criminal terrorists who are terrorizing my elderly parents. They all have THICK INDIAN ACCENTS. Stupid slimeballs.
    I filed two complaints, and about to file a third, in less than two weeks, with the FTC. They are working with “line of credit” clearinghouses that sending you emails asking if you are interested in opening a line of credit with LEGITIMATE BANKS (which they DO connect you to). But you have to provide your information. These guys in INDIA are HACKING INTO these clearinhouse’s databases (( I know this because they called my on a PRIVATE number in my vast department store, a private number no one but that ONE clearinghouse HAS, and they knew it, and called me on it, and even quoted me my social security number. I was appalled and infuriated and told them that as soon as I hung up, I was calling INTERPOL to have them trace the call. THEY HAVE NEVER SINCE CALLED ME BACK AT WORK!! but they are terrorizing my 83 year old mother with a weak heart.
    These S.O.B.s better beware: the US Government, the FTC, the FBI, and INTERPOL are ALL onto them, and they WILL be caught and punished with the UTMOST SEVERITY for all the horrible suffering, and PROBABLY HEART ATTACK DEATHS which they have no doubt caused, making them MURDERERS as well as EXTORTIONERS. The filthy non-human PIGS.

  11. Also, the Phony, lying Pig who called himself “Eric Murphy” called my mom today, terrorizing her that I was going to be served with a SUBPOENA THIS AFTERNOON if I did not call him back at such and such number. It was an (813) (tampa, florida area, area code) number. The Same number he left her last week when he told her to have me call.
    I CALLED IT and GUESS WHAT? I got a message saying,
    TO ANYONE” i.e., the number was bogus. And note that: A MAGIC JACK
    number. NO bona-fide lawyer or debt collection agency would be using a MAGIC JACK as their phone line. A MAGIC JACK, of all things.
    That hasn’t even been assigned to anyone yet. These scam artists are a ring, and to have access to use a MAGIC JACK number that is not active, not assigned, and to call me from it, this has to be an inside job conspiracy comprised of men from many different companies, employees of many companies, all working together.
    They need to get these filthy scumbags.

  12. This all sounds so familiar. I have been receiving these calls off and on for close to a year. The latest comes from Bryan Adams (yeah right) a guy with a thick hindi accent who has proven very easy to piss off. The numbers I get are from 903-375-4916. I told them dozens of times I know they are a scam and to stop calling me, but all that gets me is a one to three month reprieve, then they start again. Same script. Same CashNet USA. I’ve reported them to the FBI and IC3, but since these scam outfits are based in another country there isn’t a lot our government can do.

    I have to tell everyone, don’t let them get you mad. Despite what they say, they cannot do anything to you. The worst they can do is call you and yell at you. Just alert your boss and friends about this crap and ride it out. The other tactic would be get a new phone number, but that creates problems too.

    Nowadays I just have fun with them. I play loud rap music, punk, and ska everytime they call. Sometimes they even sit and listen to it for a while before hanging up. Othertimes I tell them to call me at home and give them the Indian Consul General’s phone number (which is 415-668-0967) as my home number.

    I think the best time I had with them was blowing an airhorn into the phone. I’m sure that hurt his ears like Hell and actually stopped them from calling me for 4 months. But of course, then they were back at it again. They don’t even change their tactics. They are a joke and I am treating them like one.

  13. I have recieved a very rude and threating call from a so called lawyer who clams I owe them money. (877) 825-xxxx that is the number

  14. Ethan Hunt from NCS phone shows 716-601-3063 but he said to call 855-888-6784. Again researching the numbers pulls up alot of comments as to this being another scam. With a name like that I wonder if he watched Mission Impossible.

  15. Got a call from 315-750-4384 from a guy with thick Indian accent saying he was Charles Green,Said he worked for a lawyer and that I owed a loan of 5000.00 dollars is about all I could understand he talked so fast.I tried to question him he got mad and hung up so Me and My son started calling him and harrassing him needless to say they quit answering but I knew it was a scam because I did nt borrow any money and could prove it If he calls back I will harrass him some more.Give me a break an Indian named Charles Green LOL

  16. These people have been calling me over a period off about three months and they have the accent you are talking about they claim to be with a law firm and have even went so far as to claim to be a detective from the NYPD they knew my personal info who I bank with and my employer so name but always get angry when I question them I will get the phone # and post it later I don’t know what to do beyond that

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Darryl has been wonderful to work with. He always answers my questions and is very reliable when it comes to returning my calls or e-mails. The only area for improvement that I can suggest is if they would set up an account system where we can see when payments to collectors are being made. I am a visual person and like to see where successes are being made, even if a little at a time. Other than that, I think they have been GREAT to work with and highly recommend them.
4 out of 5 stars
Donnaof Yuma, AZ on March 31, 2010