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Fraudulent Debt Collectors

by dmaxwell on Mar 31, 2010

Men with thick Indian accents are calling people trying to intimidate or scare them into paying payday loan debts that are either old or not theirs. They claim to be with firms such as Allied Financial Services, Cash Net USA, Advanced Credit Recovery, Cash Land, and Cash America and many other legal sounding or credible names.

These are phony debt collectors. Some of the phone numbers being used are:













My clients have reported many other calls from these people and we handled it for them. But the underlying number seems to be from area codes (818), (213), (310), and (714) for the most part.

These fraudulent collectors claim you will be arrested and placed in jail unless you send money to them immediately. They will even threaten to call your place of business and report to your boss or that you have a lawsuit against you when you were never notified to begin with.

Some people are getting voice mails to even have their attorney call them back which is just another one of their scare tactics. The amounts they are seeking from people are roughly between $400 and $1,000. These telephone calls are usually received on a Friday or weekend when government offices or the payday lenders you supposedly owe money to are closed.

Their objective of this scam is to scare the person into sending money via Money Gram, Western Union or to release their bank account info, in order to stop them from having the police from coming to arrest you. But remember you cannot and will not be arrested for not paying a debt. Not paying back a debt is a civil matter.

The callers show real phone numbers in the US but these so called debt collectors are calling from a call center in India using a Voice over IP.

Again, the name of the payday loan providers given is a sham. The scammers use both the name of a real payday loan outfit and even an attorney to make the person think it’s legitimate if they check it out on the web. Again, it’s completely fraudulent.

If you get this type of call whether you owe the debt or not get a hold of the original creditor and seek information regarding this. As well please go your state attorney general’s website and file a complaint. You can also file a separate complaint with the FTC. All this can be done online.

If you have been called or targeted please list the name and number below so others can benefit from it as well. We would love to stop these guys from preying on innocent people. You can also file a complaint at the Internet Crime Center

Some of our clients have used this intimidation tactic on the scammers. They start out asking the person calling them these simple questions:

”What did you say your name was?
Can you spell that for me?
What is your address?
Can you please spell that for me as well?
And what’s the best number to reach you or a direct line?
Then repeat it back to them.
What is the name of your company?
Can you spell that for me?
I need your supervisor’s name also, and please spell it for me.
I also need their direct line too.”

And so on and so forth…

They always get frustrated because the clients insist these questions be answered before the allow the scammer to speak and they always hang up first.

Another quick tactic is to just pretend you have no idea what they are saying because you can’t understand what they are saying.


  1. Charles David on   

    I do not think I have seen this said in such a way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!

  2. I have received 3 separate calls from supposedly Payday Loan saying that I did not pay a loan from October , 2009. I called my bank & they amount they said they deposited for $745.00 dose not shouw up anywhere. First man that called had a very heavy East Indian accent. Calld came from 724-994-1160 951-271-7545 & 951-271-3518. I have had the calls blocked so they can’t call. They told me that they were coming to arreest me & that I havd better be in correct by 11:oo on the first call. The second call the number was left to call back. Third call I was told that they were call from California & that I was being charged with fraudulent obtaining funds,etc & that they would be sending someone to my place of employment tomorrow. NUmber 724-994-1160 has a number ofcomplaints against it. They us other number as well. They are rude, & do threaten you that they will send some one to arrest you. It is a scam. Be careful don’t give them any money.

  3. Mary, great job at seeing this was a scam. The way they approached is identical to the way they normally operate. They threaten with jail unless you pay up. Most people report this activity and phone numbers to their attorney general and the FTC as well. If we send them enough complaints perhaps they can get this to stop. At least I know these are Verizon numbers and perhaps they can do something about it as well.

  4. Jennifer on   

    I have just receieved the same situation which a heavy accent indian male persons one named John Smith called my work and my cell # and threatened that I took out an online payday loan and did not repay it and now I was suspect and being charged with 3 counts, all fradulent accounts and that I was going to court and will be arrested and that also they were to contact my work that I was involved with online fraud. At first I was pretty upset and called my husband of the situaton my bank they verified that there was no wired money and that it sounds like a scam. It is a scam and I hope no one has to go thru this. I have complained to the attorney of state and the federal trade commision. The phone number they used was 559-471-4078 it’s a Fresno phone number but they claimed they were calling from Irvine, California. I knew they were lying.

  5. Unfortunately too many people have fallen for this scam. But I am certainly glad you caught it and reported them.

  6. I received this call Friday, they left a threatening voice mail. they called me again today, and I demanded to know who they represented. They would not give me this information. I called the number back, 760-284-4672, demanded information, and lo and behold, they had my social security number! They gave me one payday loan name, I said that was paid, then he changed the name of the company to one I never heard of. Put an alert on your Credit Report and Bank account, we are definitely victims of Identity theft.

  7. The author of has made an excellent point. There are a lot of criticism about payday lending, but critics of payday loans do not realize that these loans are borrowed by people that have less than perfect credit and do not have any other alternatives. Big banks are not willing to take the same risks as payday lenders do.

  8. i am getting calls at this moment from frontier financial group i checked my bank and never did i received a 420 dollar loan they are threatening by this Friday to send info to my Workplace. they even know where i work! i know this has to be a scam but im sooo scared. i called the better business bureau and the ftc and so far no help. what do i do im getting terrified. they even sent me a letter to my address. The original debt is Payday Loan Venture.

  9. As you stated you know this to be a scam. The worst they can do is call you. When they do you can call them as they are ‘a scam’ and when they realize they wont get one dime from you they will cease. You will not receive any notification of your debt to your place of business either. Sorry you are scared but you must realize you have nothing to be afraid of. File an online complaint with the FTC and your state attorney generals office with the information this so called collection company gave you.

  10. Linda Dick on   

    I was scared out of my wits today. Someone from an Indian accent called me today and said I owed money on a payday loan and that I would be arrested. I had taken one out before but I thought I was paid in full. So I called all over the and all the courst said I was clear and nothing pending. He said I would get arrested in front my family and charged with 3 counts. I was so scared. I called the company he was talking about and they said I didn’t owe any money. The scare tactics they use are frightening. They wanted to know if I had an attorney and the attorney needed to call them.

  11. Good job. I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

  12. This has been happening to me as well. I got them to stop, by constantly calling them over and over again and asking where they are because i am waiting for them to come and serve me my summons. Must be hard to get to the United States when your from India. The number i call is 626-389-0727. I used to be scared of these people, because they constantly call my job and my family out of state and it is very embarrising. But since i know its a scam, and they cant really do anything im no longer worried. I am concerned about how they got my information though. I have never took out a payday loan. Hmmmm

  13. Thats actually a Pasadena, California prefix. Its seems they mostly get Southern California prefixes for their charade. What you did to them is perfect! And most importantly you got them to stop their efforts. I hope more people see this and follow your example.

  14. I received my second round of calls yesterday. This happened to me the first time a month ago. Luckily I figured out it was a scam before I paid them money. Yesterday I received two back to back messages from two completely different voices both claiming to be James Hunt (both with middle eastern accents) threatening that if I didn’t call back there would be trouble. I didn’t call back. They left a number of 916-458-4838 which traces back to a Herman Aulakh in Fulsom CA. Maybe, maybe not. The number on my caller ID is 909-580-8968. They called a third time and told them “I know this is a scam. I have already reported you to my DA’s Economic Crimes unit, do not call this number again.” and that stopped the calls for yesterday. But of course I got another message this morning and they called my best friend in Missouri and left her a message. I’m seriously tempted to change my voicemail. I just want it all to stop!

  15. This continue happend to me also. What don’t understand why has no one having being arrested?. Why no one call Cnn or local news complain. This people are very bad and also scary. Please let all get together start making calls to media.

    Second call FtC and Attorney general and homeland security. Also put affraud allert on three major credit.

    This start last year is continue too long. Does anyone think we should get media involve?
    Wish all good luck. Please don’t give them any information. This people are scamers.

  16. TomPier on   

    great post as usual!

  17. These scumbags have been harassing two of my friends for a month now. I have called them and verbally harrassed them myself in the most vile way I could think of. I used words that would make a state corrections officer wide eyed. They have been reported to the Fl States attys office. If you get a call from these cockroaches my advise is to have some fun and give-em some hell. They hate me calling them. I will continue to harass them every chance I get. It’s great fun….

  18. Lugares Turisticos on   

    You can tally me in for a Digg. Thanks for posting this on your site!

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  22. I think this is a great post. One thing that I find the most helpful is number five. Sometimes when I write, I just let the flow of the words and information come out so much that I loose the purpose. It’s only after editing when I realize what I’ve done. There’s defiantly a lot of great tips here I’m going to try to be more aware of.

  23. Carlos Pinnell on   

    Do you accept guest posts? I would love to write couple articles here.

  24. citibank internet banking on   

    @chels I know what you mean, its hard to find good help these days. People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider whoever wrote this post, they must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of their time I am sure. I work with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is.

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  26. george neil on   

    I have been receiving calls from people with Indian accents claiming that i had not paid back a payday loan. the numbers they called from were 011-052-497347. Which i suspect is somewhere in India. They also left a voice message from a Christina Parker 347-289-3902 who surprisingly had a real thick Indian accent.

    Informing me that I was going to sued and possibly arrested if I did not return their call immediately. I did call them back and got all the same story again. I told them I know they were crooks and to go get lost but not that politely.

  27. The caller has been phoning me for over a month now, and has assumed the identity of an Immigration agent, Officer Kevin Dresser of the “Law Department”, and even Attorney Francis Lopez (who does not exist) of The United Nations Legal Firm in New York City, (which does not exist either). I have called one of the numbers – 916-395-0000 – and spoke with young man named Charles Edward who asked me if I wanted to come and visit him and party. So I said sure but he had to send me a return ticket and where was he? He told me he was in Egypt and I said they must be very clever to be there and we think they are here in the States. He said in his voice mail that he was with the “Federal Investigation Department” (doesn’t exist). If you have the time, do some digging on the Internet about these people. Do not let them scare you, they are very sick and will not come to your door or place of business. If you ever speak with one of them, tell them to contact you by mail Actually, in a bit of a perverse way, I think it is fair that they are getting some of their own back. Remember, if you do not recognize the number, don’t answer the phone.

  28. That is outstanding work Joyce! I hope more people will see this and call their bluff. What they are doing is ridiculous!

  29. Man with very thick Indian accent stating his name is John Gibson, his phone # was 213-210-2416 left threatening message that I would be picked up by two officers from my address if I didn’t send him $5,000.00 settlement today. I called back phone # and got recording that stated ext 3001371 was unavailable and to leave message. Did not leave message and hung up phone. Got a call back literally 20 seconds later from 916-395-0000 from man with Indian accent as well stating he just missed my call. Told him I wasn’t person he was looking for and to remove me from his list, he didn’t acknowledge but then hung up on me.

  30. Here is another number for these crooks: 760-514-0172

  31. I received a call yesterday from a man named Andrew Thomas phone # 347-289-3901 stating that I was being sued and I could avoid this by settling the dept and then transfered me to the “lead attorney” who had a very thick Indian accent. I had this happen to me last year so I knew what to tell him. I told him that if he wanted anything from me he would have to send me the paperwork which he refused to do then I told him I was contacting Home Land Security and reporting the scam and he should have a nice day and hung up on him. I havent heard from him since

  32. Received the call just today, AT WORK! Unbelievable! Number they gave me was 760-514-0172. At first was very intimidated since they claimed to be officers, but the background noise sounded like a call center and the two men both had heavy indian-sounding accents. They had most of my information and threatened that I had three charges against me. I told them I would check my records and call them tomorrow. (I didn’t receive the so-called loan, I just wanted to investigate the call). Thank you for helping me confirm that these guys were scammers.


  34. They also use the # 052-538-374. They call in succession of like 3-4 x’s. When you refuse to answer the phone the first time, they call back. They threatened to have me arrested and worse if I didn’t pays. Debt IS a civil not a criminal matter. I picked up finally and told them that I reported them to the authorities and to stop calling no avail. Have fun w/ them on the phone. It is just simply annoying.

  35. OH my i have been getting calls from a 206-204-4835 number, heavy indian accent telling me he is with the “department of criminal identification” one day the next it is the “department of criminal investigation”, saying if i don’t call back immediately there will be charges filed against me. He has called my place of employment many times so i finally called back today, got the run around, told them to never call my work, contacted the ftc, now they just continue to call my cell phone. I am calling them tonight after work and giving them a peice of my mind!!!!!!

  36. Good for you Kari! Don’t let these guys get away with harrassing you.

  37. I just received a call today from 206 204 4835 ext 757 also from BCI. They called my work and home. Now I know what to do. Thanks!

  38. Angela31 on   

    I had a guy calling me today from the number 760-868-7004, he had a very thick Indian accent and I could barely understand the message. The message he left said this was time sensitive and to have my attorney legal or myself call him back, and if i didn’t then he said all he could say was good luck to me. I got 2 of these messages today. So after finding some info about these scams I called him back and asked him what debt I owed, he said it was from a pay day loan. I asked what company but could not understand him. I told him no I do not have a loan through this company, and not to call back or I would have the authorities on him and he hung up. Oh, he claimed that his paralegal “Brian Thomas” was the one who called me and he was the lead attorney. I thought this was hilarious and I dare them to call me back!

  39. Evelyn Alcos on   

    I also have the same experience with you,I `ve been receiving calls from different numbers but with the same Indian Accent alternately from a male and female voices.At first I am threatened cause they told me that there is a law suit file against me and my security number by a payday loan company and if I nor my atty .will not get in touch with them or return their call I will be arrested in my address (which they knew).I called them back and asked what payday loan at first they told me cash net..I verified to cash net and told me that this is a scam and that I don`t owe them anything cause I already paid off my loan long time ago.Then when they called me again I said I don`t owe anything to you so stop threatening me.Then another number called me 2018396929,the same tactics but this time they used payday loan .I asked them what payday loan there are too many payday loans I said ,then he got mad and told me its a “payday loan don`t you understand” ?Then I also said you are the one who doesn`t know and understand about a payday loan.There is a specific name for it okey? then I hung up.So each time received a call that is unfamiliar I ignore then listened to their messages and if it comes from them I add them to my block list. Its good that I saw and read this site so I can file a complaint to ftc and the atty. general.I also filed a complaint in the FBI website because I am tired of them.these are the other numbers 7187665556 with a number to call 9187665556 ,60173289276,9802161375 ,5672441243.Thank you!

  40. These people have been harassing me for months now. A guy by the name of David Smith, who has a very thick foreign accent, called me. He proceeded to tell me that i owe money for a loan that i never received. David proceeded to tell me, that if i didn’t make a payment on the loan, that i would be taken to court, and that charges would be filed against me. He has even gone as far as telling me that my employer would be told that i was going to be arrested. The number that this guy first gave me is (206) 855-5271. And then, almost 3 weeks ago, a guy by the name of Mike Walker( again had a very thick accent) called me. He proceeded to tell me that if i owed money for a loan, and that if i didn’t pay the money, the all he could do was wish me good luck. This guy proceeded to tell me, that he would send a couple of investigators to my house or place of employment. He also told one of my co- workers, that if i didn’t call him back the same day, that he would have a talk with my boss, and tell him that i am involved in criminal activity. The number that i have for this guy is (646)845-0353. And then, just yesterday, David Smith called me again, wanting me to make a payment on this loan. I told him that he needed to talk to my lawyer, and that i was willing to give him her information. I also told David, that my lawyer advised me not to pay him any money, because she has reason to believe that i am being scammed. David made a comment( i don’t remember what he said) got pissed off, and hung up the phone on me. I have filed a complaint with the federal trade commission, as well as the state attorney gerneral’s office.

  41. My self and my husband received phone calls on from a MARK NIXOM whose # you have listed and today received a call from BERRY BLACK from818-688-7266
    Both had heavy accents and

  42. 845-823-9938 Says he is from CASH USA. This person (people) continually call my former place of business (I’m still in close contact with my former co-workers and boss) and they have been repeatedly told to stop calling. My former employer will not give out my personal number to anyone without my permission. When I called them back to find out what this was about, as I DO NOT OWE any debts, they told me I owed them money, and they were going to have the police come and arrest me if I didn’t pay. I told them to send me proof that this is a legitimate debt and if it is, I will pay it. They said they don’t have to do that. So, they keep calling and calling my former place of business. Today the dirtbag actually tried to PICK UP ON MY FORMER SUPERVISOR. I called my local police and they took a report. I just feel bad for my former co-workers having to deal with this scum. Hopefully, when they are told for the 1000th time I DO NOT WORK THERE ANYMORE, they will get it through their stupid heads!

  43. I got an anonymous call from them and was given this callback number: 707-633-4788. The heavy Indian accented man said his name was James Davis, and even had a court case number. He said that I was being sued on three counts and would be arrested if I did not pay this loan from CashNet that I had never received. I tried calling back the number but it keeps giving me a busy signal.

  44. Come and get me on   

    Pathetic losers. I pressed them on who I owed money to and they wouldn’t/couldn’t answer. So I hung up on them, and fortunately haven’t heard back.

  45. I have too been contacted by man with an East Indian Accent asaying that I have not repaid a payday loan that I never got. I checked my bank and there was no depsot made, since I have never received a payday loan at my bank, it was easy check my deposits. He is threatning that one of his officers with come to my job and make me sign a paper and then they will press charges and I would have to go to court. I did a telephone number search and foud the man was calling me fro his cell phone and was not an employee of any Collection agency. The number he called me from was 972-322-2888.

  46. I was just contacted again but by supposingly a different company for the same loan. The also had a West Indian accent claiming that the was the first time he called me, so I guess there must be a ring of the crooks around. I didn’t get his number, but I am sure he’ll call again under some other name. I told him I had already made a report to the FTC and my lawyer. He called me asking for a fax number where he could fax some papers to my lawyer. I even call the pay day loan company they say I had the loan with and they have no record of me being approved for a payday loan.

  47. Kerri Klopfenstein on   

    I am CONSITENTLY getting calls from these people as well- they are calling my place of emplymeont, tellning my receptionist that I will be arrested- the names of the business you listed above are ones they have said they are from- the most recent was just a few minutes ago-this time it was a womna- “named” Kathy Johnson- she left me tow voicemails on me cell, somewhat hard to understand but she did say I m ust call her back by 5 pm today or have my attorney phone her back, that this is a serious legal matter and it is in my best interest to call back immediately or I will be arrested- this has been happening to me for months- I am at my wits end- I question them, I demand the supposed debt documents be sent to me, they then become vulgar wtih me- they threaten me- now they call me office- I have already filed a complaint with the FTC, and will do so again- I OWE NO ONE! I do not have a payday advance out- although they say Ih ad money deposited into my bank- I even had my bank traace this supposed deposit and it does not exist- How in world though are they getting my information???? Numner is 213-985-7627 and 213-985-7627

  48. Same thing happened to us. Caller with deep Indian accent. First we got several calls from a woman telling us to call her back, that my daughter was in big trouble and was going to jail for not paying a loan. They then, after calling us started calling her at work and on her personal phone stating that she was going to be picked up by police at her job and if she did not pay them she would be harmed,, they knew where she lived and worked. They had her last four digits of her social security number, address etc. When they started calling my husband, was their bad mistake. He would not let up on them. He asked where they were located and they said North Carolina. He asked what city, and they said North Carolina. LOL My husband said, listen to me, in the United States we have states. In those states we have cities. What city are you in, the indian caller said, North Carolina, My husband replied, your not too smart are you. The caller was getting so angry, told my husband that he would be brought up on charges also for not delivering a message for them. Hubby was having fun at this point, called him a four foot scam artist and said he wanted to meet him anywhere, that he just needed to tell him where. Then they would see who was going to jail, that it would probably be both of them after he beat the hell out of a four foot scammer. Asked to talk to his superior, he said there was no one more superior than he, Hubby replied, I want to talk to whoever is over 100 telephones, not your phone, not the guy sitting next to you, not the guy over 10 phones or 50 phones, I want to talk to the guy over 100 phones. Caller was so confused. After my hubby badgered him some more and told him how stupid he was, he finally hung up. LOL Hubby was not done, had to call back. Told caller aka(Steven Johnson) that our lawyer wanted to meet with him. Give us a physical address. Caller (Steven) said that he could not. Hubby said what you scared now. Come on let us come to visit you. Where in India are you located. Calls stopped for the day. We shall continue to have fun with them. I am sitting here coming up with a lot of things to tick them off.

  49. Forgot to give you number and company they say they are. 704-456-1060. They call themselves central investigation and litigation.

  50. laugh in your face 7-11 trash!! on   

    lol! they called me from 6263800420 and 2132860291 they told that had three federal counts on me me that a sherriff will be going to my job and arrest and that i will have to show up to los angeles court on monday at 11 am with my attorney when i asked where were calling from they said some bogus name and then i asked from where were they calling from and he said san fransviso,ca and the area code was a 213 number and thats la,ca i was scammed for 1500.00 before once with and now that i am aware of this ilaugh cause i know they are stupid TRASH!!!! they have american names as john or james or tom morrsion and i cant even under stand them

  51. I have had a few of these calls. The second one I made the guy so angry in calling him out on his fraudulent activities, he said that if I test his temper and he loses it, I will not be alive in this world. I reported that to the police right away. I hope that all of these scum get what’s coming to them! Also I changed my number and they contacted my sister saying to have her relay the message for me to call them back.

  52. I have been getting calls since July from these people!!! I recieved numerous calls a day at my place of employment and on my cell I usually ignore the calls but today they just kept calling my place of employment so finally talked to them. They said the company was called BCI. They said I will get a call monday for court date at local courthouse and will have to report to court with my attorney on Tuesday. They said that I owed 751.00 on a loan that I had taken from easy cash usa of the amount of 400.00 that was deposited in my account on May 25th,2010. They told me my social security number I did not give it to them so I dont know how they got it. The numbers that I have been contacted from them are 000-000-0000, 234-2113, 302-051-366, and 206-204-4835. When I talked to them today they did not leave a name but previous calls were a guy named David Hunt and always told me at end of conversation or message to have a blessed day!! These people need to be stopped like now!!! Its ridiculous!! They keep threatening me if I dont pay up that I would be picked up at my place of employment.

  53. and I forgot to say i will be reporting this matter to my local police tomorrow morning and hopefully they will be able to help me out with this matter!

  54. I received phone calls at work for several days at work and they said they had my SS# and it was being investigated. How do you make these people stop?

  55. richard hower on   

    recieved call from a friend who had gotten a call from a officer, who said for me to call him, but when
    I DID I GOT A BUSY SIGNAL, GEE IT MUST BE A REAL small police dept this so called officertold my friend that i gave them as a a reference , why would i give the police a reference

  56. The the past 2 weeek, same thing. The number are 213 286 0291 a Kevin Jones; 213 286 0297 a John Morrison; and 559 823 5337 a Angie Jones

  57. Ive been getting calls since Feb, and they wont stop. I filed police report and called local FBI. Its def a scam and they need to be found because it is so annoying. I have been getting calls for the past 8 months, like seriously leave me alone!! Its ALWAYS different numbers but always same Indian people with American names and always say same exact things, its like it is scripted or a recording lol

  58. A guy called me named “John Smith” with a contact number of 213-286-0298 scaring me had me crying said I owe 1120.00 and if not paid would be taken to court and I’d have to pay over 8000.00 dollars and if not paid I will go to jail I was panicking because I’m a single mom, but I knew something was off because I know of everyone that I owe money and I have never gotten a 1,000 dollar loan they couldn’t even tell me what company I supposedly got the loan from, and the indian dude told me his name was “John Smith” ridiciculous hope these people get arrested somehow but I guess it would be hard since they’re in India, they did say they were coming to my work with a court subpoena and I would probably be arrested, such IDIOTS

  59. Also they told me to fax them a contract stating I authorize them to take this payment and give them my credit card number expiration date and security code, then the guy who previously stated his name was John Smith called back and said his name was Norman, both times it was the same Indian guy, I just hope they do not try to call my work and start trouble

  60. I have received calls from these same people from a 760 area code number. They obtained your information from your online payday loan application which includes your Social Security number as well as your bank account number. They will even go as far as contacting your place of employment to try to obtain any information about you. They will not stop at nothing as they will even contact the people you listed as references on your online application. They will make your life a living hell and there is NOTHING legally that you can do about it here in the US because they are calling from India. They’ll use names like John Marshall, Justin Smith, John Smith, Mark Jenner just to name a few. There are so many of these companies in India, the FTC and FBI are very limited on what they can actually do to help you out with your situation. Bottom line is we gave out our information, granted we did not intend for our information to be misused like that, but we just have to deal with it. Personally, I stopped trying to fight them off but actually started talking to them. Before he started reading off his script, I immediately cut him off and told him that I knew that he was a scam and that he was not getting any money out of me. Although he did try to threaten me by saying that my case will be downloaded in court and that I will be arrested, he ultimately got the sense that I wasn’t buying any of his baloney. I kept him on the line so long that I could hear his boss in the background yelling at him to hang up the phone because he was wasting time. The funny thing is, I was able to get him to translate everything his boss was yelling at him about before he ultimately hung up the phone. Well, it’s been 2 months since the last call which I’m hoping they got the message and deleted me out of their system, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  61. I have been getting these calls since July, from all diferent numbers. I called state police in August and the officer called the number and they hung up on him. Started getting the calls last month again. I called and they hang up onme when I confront them. State Police can’t do anything since these are being made oversees. At least they can come up with better names, not a guy who you barley understand named Michael Johnson. Last few #’s were 213-286-0297 & 832-409-7166.

  62. Mary Bunny on   

    I received calls from a 512-680-011 and never the last digit shows up. They say practically the same thing. I told them they had the wrong person and everything they tried to verify I Denied it. A lot of it was not ture.

  63. I got my first call today from a guy named “Brian Thomas” with a VERY THICK ACCENT. He told me I was going to be arrested on Monday and that the local authorities would come to my work place. I called my attorney who called him back and I guess that shut him up. He scared me to death but after talking with my attorney (who said he has received other calls of this nature from other clients) “Brian Thomas” was nice and hung up. The number he called from is 253-243-2083, which is listed as a land line in Washington, DC.

  64. bonnie fox on   

    my friend or as they called it a reference received her first call on friday 10/15/10 stating that this was a time sensitive matter and to have me or my lawyer call asap i ignored when i heard the voice mail because it sounded ridiculous. Then the other “reference ” started to receive calls so i decided to call the number back and see what was going on. I called at 8pm and the lines were all busy, i left a voice message with my number seeing how i have yet to be contacted on my personal line and asked to receive a call business hours the next day. Still no call until i received a txt message from my friend stating they called again so aggrivated i called the number again. A jason or james clark answered the phone with a very thick accent and was unable to provide me with any info when giving him my number i had to give him one of my references number. He then goes on to tell me i owe 5843.47 for a payday loan i took out in sept 09 and never payed back and if i did not resolve this matter there were going to be 3 charges brought against me my employers would be notified i would loose any state privleges i may receive and my license. Knowing i did not take out such a loan i began to question him he then read me an affitdavid rad off all of my information to me ss number bank account most recent address and employment when i refused to accept the alleged charges he went on to say officails would be at my house tom at 11am with all of the court documentation and case info i then asked for names and numbers and he said just to have my attorney to call him by the end of the business day and hung up the phone number is 310-974-8088 and they state they are from sacremento ca and they are an attorneys office for American credit services…..they also tell you they have been monatering your emails to build a case

  65. same call i got from this number 213 286 0298 that i ve to pay 8000$ with in a month or i’ve ur ssn , date of birth , ph# all info because u’ve applied for a loan to more than 200 websites at same time
    higher a lawyer & make a su .
    i went to police thay told me to change my number or no need to get worried abotu if u r not responcible .

  66. I just did a reverse serch on the number that keeps on calling me. It is through Level 3 Communications. I emailed them about the fraudulent activity from this number.207-605-5141 same guy different name everytime.

  67. I got a voice mail today saying to either call them back or have my lawyer call them back also in the end she said,”may god be with you”. She also had a strong Indian accent and it sounded like a call center. When I asked for them to send me something in the mail showing me where I owed them money and to what account they sent the money to she got very upset and started yelling at me that,”you people owe us money, you people need to pay us the money owe you we are tired of your lies!” I have no idea who we people are? She also stated that they don’t mail paperwork but that they sent me several emails which I never got. I called the back and no funds from anyone had been transferred. She said they actually handle several online payday loan companies. I have decided to call them back after speaking with her to talk to someone else and it was a answering machine or something saying,”please call again later!” it also was a strong Indian accent. I called the attorney generals office as well as made a police report about this issue. It scared me to death because this lady knew where I worked and said if i didn’t pay they were going to garnish my wages!! That’s insane that someone would know my information! Is there anything else I should do?

  68. I receive calls from these thugs at my work EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! Now they are calling from number 704 200 9909. Anyone else gotten calls from these people with thick foreign accents? The one i’ve been speaking with says his name is Patrick Wheeler LOL what a joke! He sounds nigerian! You CANNOT BE ARRESTED FOR NOT PAYING A LOAN/DEBT!!! THEY ARE BREAKING A FEDERAL LAW BY INSISTING ON CALLING YOU AT WORK ALSO! PLEASE REPORT THESE LOSERS!

  69. I had recieved a call from a David Smith…the number they used 2815203847. They claimed to be a legitimate Law firm. I already knew they were a scam. Also, they made a mistake of calling me at 7:30 in the morning. So i called back yelling at them that if they were really lawyers, they would know that it is against the law to collect debt at 7:30 AM. I never gave him a chance to speak. I told him to send me the paperwork and I have already reported them to the Attorney General’s office. Then I told them to never call my number again because I already know they were scammers and they were trying to trick me.

    Next time they call (hopefully never again), i will just say…I already know your scammers. So dont even try.

  70. I had people calling me and now that i read this its crazy i was scared for no reason then even called my work all the time i was getting in trouble

  71. You are exactly right. Everyone has the right to be pissed off about this issue. The number I got a call from was 7074700777. Do not give these people any money!!! It is a scam. There is no such department as the Federal Crime Department. Any information that is put into the internet is sold and the bastards get it. If they call again and they will because they now have your name on a list. Tell them to hold on you are getting paper to write on. Tell them you are recording this conversation because you are having a hard time understanding them. Ask them for the company that is sueing you, ask for the supervisor, ask any kinds of questions you want and then let them know that you have reported this number to the Federal Trade commision, the local ploice and they are tracing the number and then make sure as soon as you get of the phone with them you call your local police department and report it and make sure you get a report number. The police need to have these reports so that the FBI will have enough information and enough compliants to work on putting an end to this nonsense.
    The internet is a wonderful thing HOWEVER it is also very dangerous. The got my information because I was trying to get a free credit report.
    These people called my mother looking for me and she freaked out. I explained to her it was a scam . several days later they called her and told her she owed money and the whole same story. They are theives and need to be placed under the jail.!!!

  72. I received a cal from a man with an accent from (720)230-1421 stating he was taking me to court if i did not send him money for an EFT transfer to my account from a payday loan. To his surprise I work at the County Courthouse and got the sheriff and attorney involved. What is scary is that he has my social security number my phone number, and knows who I bank with. Please watch out as they are very persistent!! The guys last name was Wilson but I can’t remeber the 1st name!

  73. I have received a call from a heavy accent Indian man stating that I had a payday loan with an online payday loan company. He said his name was John Smith. He told me that he would resolve this matter only if I were to give him $598.00. He said my social security number came up fraudulent activity, and if I don’t resolve this matter and pay the money that I would have a warrant on my arrest and I would go to jail. He also said. They also threatened my Aunt and said the same things they said to me. These people are trying to dig too deep into our personal lives!

  74. Humberto Valdes Jr on   

    I have recieved these same type of calls from these people..saying it’s time sensitive and that i owe them $698.00. I am getting numbers now that say 011000 on my phone and they told me if i did not pay that they were coming to lock me up on Tuesday. Many of tuesday’s have passed and i am still here. I actually contacted the secreat service and put them on three way with these people and they used vulager languaged toward him. I apologized to hi and he said no problem, I have been getting calls from an area code 740, I am just sick of’s annoying and been going on for six months now…

  75. I have received over 10 calls in the last 2 days from two seperate numbers. One 210-693-1074 and the other 424-245-8902. A guy named Jack Smith and Alvin Peters. I did not take the calls so they left several of messages on my phone. Threatening me that this is time sensitive and if I do not call back I am under a State Investigation and I will be charged with fraud. That I am going to be in Huge trouble and that no one will be able to help me. Not only are they harrassing and threatening me but they are calling me over and over again. I am not going to give them any satisfaction by not answering their lame calls. Especially when I have never even had a payday loan.

  76. I got a call today but from 469-582-7509 and the guy with the indian accent said his name was Jack Cooper. This is just another number in the long line of callers that have tried to extort money from me. I have filed all the reports but can not get the calls to stop here at work. I am trying to ignore them but it is getting harder and harder to not just scream because the threats are they are going to come to work and have me sign the papers that will allow them to arrest me. I know they will not do this because the calls started prior to Thanksgiving. I am scared as well but also getting fed up.

  77. They’ve been calling me too. Man with Indian accent named “Bob Green” threatened legal action against me and a friend who they’ve also been calling at work. I called back demanding information, told him to shut the f up when he tried to talk over me, then he hung up. I tried calling back right away but just got a “please try again” message 🙂 Waiting to see if they call me again, but I’ll keep calling them anyway. The number they were using is 704-251-9803. I filed a complaint with the FTC just to add to that company and phone number, but I’m sure there’s nothing they’ll be able to do.

  78. Thank God I found this website I have been being harassed for a week now. At first I was just hanging up then my husband told me to find out more. So I uunfortunaly engaged the conversation. They wont respond to questions and yes always the thick accent along with a american name.When I first responded to him he said the lawsuit was pending I said from where he wouldnt tell me then he gave me all my information I denied that it was correct and he told me to go * myself and hung up . These calls come about twenty a time. Last night they finally told us it was a payday loan I asked when did I take this out he gave me 2010 after asking till I lost my voice I got august then I tried for the date in august he said FRi wow. Mine come up unavailable but on cell phone the muber shows 444-198 he gave a call back # of 510-936-8060. I continue to tell him send me paperwork they ignore that and continue to berate me for money I checked my bank for any depost in august and big surprise non exsisted.

  79. I receive these calls as well asking for a man that isn’t at my work cell number. I have asked over and over again for them to stop calling me. They have changed names in the year and a half they have been calling but they have all had Indian accents with an American name. The last one was Tony Black at 832-409-7166. They leave voicemails even though the message clearly states my name. It is ridiculous. I even called the number back asking to speak to Tony so that I could ask them once again to remove me from the calling list – they informed me that there wasn’t anyone there by that name. I once again, just a few minutes ago recevied another call from Tony Black – let him know that I asked yesterday and for the past year and a half to be removed from their contact list for the person they are trying to get ahold of and he hung up on me.

  80. I’m receiving phone calls different guys with Indian accent, asking me for money or Im going to Jail, they’re calling me from 760-453-0397. I filed a complaint with the FBI and FTC. Criminals!

  81. Ellen 347-41-4111 Same story. This is the 2nd time this happened to me! The first was Oct 2009 and I had to change my phone # and I answer the phone at work so its easy to say that i dont work here anymore :o) but its annoying. My # is private (the new one) so how did they get it? They said they were law enforcement collecting a debt. BS! They gave my name and DOB with the last for of my boyfriends SS#. CRAZY! I cant escape these people!! (indian accents with names like john smith)

  82. this is the fourth time this has happened to me. same scenario different names and phone numbers. this time it is a chris morrison with a thick indian accent and the number is 832-409-7166. they told me i owed a place called fast cash international and saying i owe $468.59. they had my social my bank name and all that good stuff. told me i had court on friday and it is now wednesday and this is the first i have heard anything about this. they say they are the financial claims dept and that they do affidavit processing but wont tell me where they are or anything. when you do a reverse lookup on anywho it says no info can be found for that number. if you get a call from these people then you better watch out.

  83. My husband got a call from these people not that long ago and kept his cool and listened to what they had to say. He finally told the guy to send anything that they have with his name on to him in writing since this was his legal right and that the conversation was over. Never heard anything from them again with that one. Today I receive a message from 832-409-7166 to call a Sonny Black and the rest of the message is the same as the others, very ominous asking for my lawyer. I called back and spoke to someone and immediately told them to send me anything they had on me in the mail it was my legal right to have all of my debts presented to me in writing. He kept going on and I finally got him to tell me the name of the payday loan (fastcash). When I told him I’d never had a payday loan with them and to send me the information he started going through his script again. I started yelling to send it to me in writing. I told him that I know this is a scam and that it would be hard to do anything to me from India. He got really mad when I said that. He finally ended up hanging up on me after threatening that I would see the consequences of my actions in the next 48 hours. I called back to find out the name of his company and they wouldn’t give it to me and hung up on me again. I called back probably 5 times just to mess with them he started just answering the phone by saying “speak”. This is a scam don’t give them anything. They will encourage you to file a report with the FTC and Attorney General’s office because they can’t do anything to them. Good luck to you all.

  84. i got that call also friday .the number that they called from was 832 409 7166, they said i owed money to fast cash
    they tried to use the same high pressure tactics, but when i asked fir the number for the company i owed money they couldn’t give it to me.

  85. Patti Zollinger on   

    I have been receiving phone calls for a friend of mine. They are the same as what previous people have mentioned. The callers are men with heavy Indian accents using the names of Bob Green and Ben Johnson. The numbers they have called from are 0000 or anonymous leaving the following numbers to call back on (800-955-9730, 704-251-9803, and 704-504-0117). They are calling more often now and being very rude. A friend of mine has received the same phone calls looking for the friend we have in common. The callers have began using vulgar language when they call. This is getting to be very annoying. It is also very disturbing that these callers are getting a hold of myself and my friend when our phone numbers are private unlisted. The other disturbing item is they have a lot of personal information not only on the friend of ours they are trying to get a hold of but also on us as well. Something needs to be done to stop these crooks.

  86. OK I am not sure if this is the same but an officer Kevin Smith Badge #0172 has just called my office and told me that i owe $520.00 they told me that my information has been sent up to a higher thing and will be contacted to go to court with this matter. I called back and could not speak with the same officer. the number they called is 347-441-4111. I did not give them any of my information they gave it to me. They have my SSN, birthday, and bank account number what do I do? PLease help Tammy

  87. I have just receive a call from an officer Kevin Smith. He stated he was from the Buerea(spelled wrong I know) of Criminal Investagations. #347-441-4111 ext 901. He stated that i owe money and will be go to court or prision for not taking care of this matter. I call back after they callled me a lier and I could not speak with the same officer I asked for his badge number #0172. They only thing that scares me is they have all my personal information SSN, Birthday, and bank account number I don’t know what to do about this matter. Will I truley be servied papers and have to go to court? The gave me a case# as well. I have never got a loan. They also called one of my friends about this matter on me thay gave her my name. Confused and a littele scared.

  88. Tammy you can call me anytime and I can tell you what steps you can take to stop this.

  89. 2nd mortgage modification on   

    I am not a great deal into reading, but somehow I got to read a number of articles in your blog. Its wonderful how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.

  90. Same lines to me phone 512-696-1573. I have been harassed for over a year by these people. They stop for about 1 to 2 months and them start up again. Different numbers every couple months.

  91. I received a call from a guy with a heavy Indian accent earlier this week saying that they work for an attorney and were trying to collect and unpaid payday loan for $400 originally which was now $800. The number they called from was 1-000-0. They did want to give me any information about where the loan came from or when it was taken out. He just stated that the matter was passed on to his office from the lender who he could not give me any information on because the lender wants to settle this in court. So he said I need to hire an attorney and that someone will be coming to my house on friday to investigate. I did not take out a loan and asked him what kind of scam this is and he said if I think its a scaw wait until friday when the investigators show up at my house. He also had all of my information like ssn, address, bank account info, and place of employment. I only received that one call from them and have not heard from them since and it weird becuase they did not demand money from me. He did ask how I wanted to resolve the issue because if it goes to court i will be responsible for the $8,000 legal fees. I told them come and investigate because I didnt take the loan and now here it is Friday and nothing so far so we will see. I thought it was a scam at first now after reading the many stories on this blog I defintely know its a scam and I cant wait to hear from them again.

  92. my name is dwight i have been receiving calls from an indian guy here in north carolina also.stating i owed a paydayloan & that i was being sued , I have not gotten a payday loan from cashnet, I told the guy to go to hell in a hand basket. Just ignore these bogus calls, & call the attorney general in your state.

  93. 512-696-1573 on   

    yes these are guys with heavy accents and the call i got today said that he was an officer and that he had my SS# and license # and that i had to call him back. they have been harassing me for over a year leaving me theartening messages. i have no payday loan with cashnet anymore because they are no longer allowed to operate in PA and i had good credit with them always paid my loans off. i am so tired of them leaving me messages, they are now calling my mom’s and sisters phone and leaving messages. the number they used this time is 512-696-1573

  94. OMG!! i got the same phone call and i didnt know what to do!but now i will not care about them!
    thank you all!
    they call me from the number (512-696-1573)

  95. Today has been the WORST day of my life. I got a call from an indian debt collector at my job saying i borrowed $300.00 last year but would not give me any info what-so-ever. When I told him I could not discuss it at work he became very rude and would not accept my word that I would call him back when I got off. He called over 40 times! Not only did he talk to each and every one of my 8 co-workers he told them that I was a thief and a criminal!! I was scared to death! Fortunately I work at a place where the communications dept tried to help and when they couldn’t get an answer from this guy he was directed to the local police department where this guy actually told the police I was a criminal and a thief and if they don’t give him any information about me then they were harboring a criminal! After talking to the police dept about this caller they said DO NOT contact this person- this is a scam and if he calls again to put him through to them and they will talk to him. Never in my life have I been so humiliated in front of co-workers and management. From the way he was talking I was going to be arrested tomorrow morning at my job. I know I didn’t get a loan from anywhere as I didn’t even have a bank account last year!! After reading all these posts I don’t feel so alone- but I wish I would of seen them earlier this morning after I had gotten the first call. I am hoping they don’t call me tomorrow at my job. I have gotten the number to the nearest FBI office, number to Homeland Security and local Police- I don’t want to ever go through this again! I found this website to be very helpful!

  96. I absolutely cannot believe how brazen these guys are getting. This scam just keeps getting worse and worse.

  97. I also forgot to mention that I did call my State’s Attorneys Office & unfortunately there is nothing they can do about it. They know it is a scam and these people operate out of India so being over seas they have no control over this- or can’t do anything about it now- but I certainly hope they they can someday.

  98. Hello I was also called by a Roger Jones from california saying that i owed money from a payday loan called usa cash for $495.00 that i would be arrested.I knew that it was not true the number they called from is 760-935-3936

  99. yep they called me too again today saying that he wanted to know if we were going to be home so he could serve us papers and BLAH BLAH BLAH what a retard process servers dont call to warn you first and when i asked him to mail me proof of the debt he said they dont do that there i just owe the money and i have to pay it right now we have told him in the past to come on down and of coarse they never showed up LIARS SCAMMERS FREAKS they called from 877-232-0509 they said their name was upstate management

  100. I too have gotten phone calls from these people. I called the police and they tried to help but they keep changing their numbers. I then changed my number and somehow they got it again. Now they are calling me all hours of the day and night. I just turn my cell off and don’t call them back. They woman says she is a lawyer and I am in big trouble. They all say the same thing so I know they are reading it. I told them to send me papers but I never received them. I just don’t answer anymore and delete their messages. Eventually they will call some one else. I contacted by AG but he said that they are hard to find. They need to be arrested and put in jail.

  101. these idiots call me too, i knew it was a scam as soon as he said it was for an unpaid payday loan, i’ve never had one. i make sure to answer everytime they call, if they want to bother me, i have no problem giving it right back to them. i go off and say the the most vulgar and disgusting things i can think of and go into detail about how i would deal with him if he got the courage to come to my doorstep. he actually had the nerve to say that he didn’t have to take my abuse, and i let him now that since he called MY phone he had to take whatever “abuse” i felt like giving him, if he didn’t like he could hang up and loose my number. i guess he likes my dirty talk because they called back 2 days ago and i went off on them again.
    don’t let these people scare you into giving them your hard earned money. i treat their phone calls more like a stress reliever and it really does feel good to give them back what their giving to innocent people who make the “mistake” of answering their phone. they’re only a bunch of bullies trying to push people around and extort moneyfrom them.
    the only thing they can do is call you and give you a hard time because they’re greedy.

  102. Yes, I too have been receiving calls. These are the numbers they are using: 561-463-5521 & 661-213-9218. When I did a search on the 661 number, it shows it as a cell phone. Strange, huh? I’ve been warned from a payday company that this is a scam and not to let them scare you into giving them money. The one guy from the 561 area code says he’s with the American Law Association and I am being investigated for fraudulent activity. I could barely understand his name or where he was calling from.

  103. I have been getting calls, from the following numbers 1347-229-1908 and 1 -253 753 1545. They call and claim they are officers of the law, that they know everything about me and can have me arrested. I can not get them to give me an address. It is all indian people with names like Shawn Carter, officer Mark(wont give a last name)

  104. This is the second number, the first was from new york, calling me regarding a legal action being taken against me. It is always a middle eastern sounding man with a name of Charles Green, the first it was Officer Shawn or something like that. This time howeverhe really tried to get me by reciting my address and last four of my social on my voicemail, which lets face it you can get anywhere. Please do not be scammed these “men” are trying to get account #s and full socials. I noticed also that they stopped calling my cell after i registered and reported the new york # to the ftc and now this call came to my work number which I just registered as well. If you recieve a call like this or from any company called the Criminal Bureau of Investigation please disregard!!

    P.S. I am never really sure exactly what the legal action is. I have taken pay day loans before but they are paid in full. Ive never accepted a call for them to tell me thats what the calls are about. He only ever says you have a legal action pending against you or against your social. Have things gotten that bad that people are willing to stoop so low for others hard earned money. Its really sad!

  105. cont…

  106. Ms. Shorter on   

    A very rude man with a Middle Eastern Accent has been callling me and Human Resources where I work. He said he is a Police Officer and will be over to arrest me, I just laughed at him and told him I have already filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission. He is calling from 760-429-2889.

  107. I will add their number to the list. Thank you! Hopefully people will catch on to this scam soon. Police officers do not call to collect a debt or call before arresting someone. Since owing a debt is a civil matter police would never be involved.

  108. Ulises Gomez on   

    I have been getting several phone calls at least 5 a month from both men and women with heavy Indian accents. They have been threatening me with a law suit… that wil be downloaded in the court. They have called me on the weekends at work on my cell phone and it is so annyoing. Today I finally provided them with my attorney’s name and number, which I made up just to humor them. I told that my attoney’s name was Rainbow Britte… The number they used was 760-282-4523 a Rick Parker with American Debt Management called me and another time it was Krysten Williams with Law and Investigation from 509-492-3558…seriously who do we need to call to make these people stop.

  109. Anonymous on   

    The first time I got a call I was so SCARED!! Thanks to this site when I received another call, I knew what it was about, both times I spoke to Indian men who told me I was going to jail or I was being charged with 3 counts, both times I told them I knew they were a scam, they both immediatley hung up. The numbers are 760-300-4019 and 760-429-2889

  110. I have a new company calling now. Before it was Hudson Law Firm which was totally fake. Now it’s Law office of mark Williams. They’ve just now started to call my work. Number they are using is 303-3530657 which I believe are all disposable phones anyway.

  111. I have been recieving a call from the number 310-359-0428. usually only on Fridays. Indian accent. they are saying they will be sending the police and everything else. I know i do not owe any money.

  112. Now they are calling and saying they are Ricki Watson with a phone number of 904-410-1266. The area code comes out of Jacksonville, FL. But this guy is now calling the references and threatening them. I am soo sick and tired of this scam. They need to be found and put into jail as it is harrassment.

  113. Yes I know these people are annoying The new number now is 512-538-2030. Claiming they are from Austin, Texas. And they will come and put me in jail for 60 days. Will it ever stop!!! They need to be put in Jail.

  114. these people have been harrassing me, too. i’ve experienced the same things and have been called from many of the same numbers listed. they called me dozens of times a day for weeks on end, and most recently they started calling my job. i am so frustrated! what terrible people.

  115. has anyone got a call from acs legal dept?

  116. These MORONS can barely speak our language but are trying to control people through scare tactics. They are bogus…have some fun with them, they really get upset when you tell them you can’t understand them….ask them if you can talk to someone that speaks understandable english. These people are greedy, criminal idiots….treat them as such.

  117. Haven’t heard of that one but each day they call themselves something different.

  118. Pablo Daerht on   

    These people used to call me non-stop with all types of legal threats that consist of.. Downloading my case in the courts, 3 counts of theft by deception, they’ve even gone as far as telling me that they will send the police to my house to arrest me. Now, I’ve read that some of you actually entertained yourselves by playing along with them and ultimately busting them out as scam artist at the end of your conversation. But the most sound advice I can give anyone that is currently frustrated and just want to be left alone is simply change your phone number and completely ignore them. I understand that changing your number isn’t easy, especially for those who have had their numbers for a while. But the thing is, the longer and more you entertain yourselves by playing along with them, the longer your number(s) stay active on their calling list. I’m sure that some of you may have people that are upset with you for using their numbers as references only to have some people who can’t speak a lick of English call and harass them on a frequent basis, but if they ignore them, over time, they’ll eventually stop. As far as your job is concerned, talk to your supervisor and explain the situation. Remember guys, this is information that you submitted online for a payday loan, so on that notion alone, we have to take some ownership of the situation and explain yourself to the individuals affected when need be. So, the name of the game is IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. They have to be under the impression that you’ve just completely fell off the face of the earth, and the calls will go away. And the lesson of the day is.. do some research on the websites that you use to submit your information on before you actually do so, because if you don’t, you’ll probably end up right in this situation again. I hope this helps.

  119. Excellent advice Pablo. As soon as these people realize that you wont fall for their scam they will go away.

  120. I’ve been getting calls from these people harrasing me non stop calling me stupid saying I owed money threatning me with there so called lawyer etc the number they called me from is 1415-259-5025

  121. I have been getting the same deal from these guys for months now; I am buying a whistle or maybe an air horn on my way home from work today! While it’s true that we can’t do much about this from the US it’s important to remember that goverment agencies around the world do communicate with each other so it’s still important to get that information to them. Also, anyone who comes up with any type of address can always contact the police online in India. You can also lodge a complaint with the Indian branch of Interpol. It’s also extremely important to contact all 3 credit agencies and have them place a 90 day flag on your credit reports. They will send you a free report afterwards and the flag request can be renewed. Call your bank and consider changing your account number or at least your password and pin number. Moniter your statements daily. File a local police report so if they use your info you have official back up in your favor. Make them leave you voice mails so you have recorded proof of their harassment of you; their messages are just as rude and threatening as talking to them live.I love to answer the phone and pretend I’m a Chinese Restaurant or a whore house!! I also like to call them repetedly and ask where the hell my pizza is! Protect yourself, don’t let them scare you, have some fun with the dirt bags!

  122. I’ve also been getting non stop calls from these people and at one point, I honestly thought about just paying them off so that they would stop calling (not the brightest idea, but my frustrations were clearly leading me in that direction). Pablo is definitely right about the ignoring these individuals. Don’t let them get under your skin as that is clearly a reason for them to keep calling and calling and calling.. Believe me, I know how it feels which is why after thinking of ways at getting back at them, I came up with the most genius yet childish way of going about it. I took their number and made a craigslist posting in the free section about free plumbing work or free yard work and I used their number as contact information. I also made sure that I used the names John Marshall or Justin Smith in the posting. I’m not urging you all to do the same, but I’m just sayin…

  123. Outstanding advice Murphy girl. I was laughing out loud about the air horn. I heard someone using it on telemarketers and he now never gets those calls anymore.

  124. Here’s another one to add to the list..He calls himself “James Brown” and “Alan Taylor”..646-396-9684

  125. These loan companies we are actually getting pay day loans from are obviously selling these idiots all of our information. I watched a report show them selling to black market people in India and then the calls begin. They don’t care who they hurt or what damage they cause. If only 1 out of 100 pay the 1,000 then it was worth it to them. At first these people had me scared to death. They have been calling my phone for over a year now but I just ignore them. Last week they actually had the nerve to call my supervisor and told her that I was wanted in a fraud investigation in which I used her and the company in fraudulent activity. He threatened to have her arrested and told her she better get a lawyer because she knew that I was using her name for fraudulent activity. Thanks goodness she believed my story or I could have been fired. Times are tough right now and I have 2 children and jobs are few and far between. They sure can leave a path of destruction. I hate that I am not the only one involved in this craziness! Good luck to all of you!!

  126. I received a call today from a man with a heavy Indian accent saying I owe money and he is a debt collector by the name of Oficer Patrick Gibson 217-267-3176. He was very intimidating and screaming in the phone and I could barely understand him stating he was from ILTT and he would send my documents for legal action. I do not owe anyone any money. I saved the message for my husband to hear.

  127. Thanks David! Your forum is great! A lot of these sites feature people losing their minds but no real information on what to do next. The worst part is once your social security number is out there it’s basically a done deal; you’re now an international commodity. This is why it’s so important to arm yourself with as much paperwork as possible. Create a file for yourself with copies of caller info, reports filed, etc. You don’t want the FBI knocking on your door someday because they think you’re dealing in human trafficking or some other heinous crime. It would be great to see some media focus on this matter. By the way; I did buy the air horn and now they haven’t called once so I can try it out! I’m sure they’ll be back though!

  128. Your very welcome!! You actually bought that thing? I am sure they wont ever bug you anymore especially if they know they can’t scam you.

  129. Sorry to hear that Julie. They are very agressive but their main mistake is an “Officer” would never call you to collect a debt. Don’t give them one penny.

  130. Sandra Drew on   

    These peope ae calling me at my job, stating his name is David Cooper 760-300-4019 and I owe a payday loan to USA Cash Advance. I do not owe this money. They are calling my employer and job. They are calling me so much, I am on the verge of being fired. What can I do, they will not stop calling me. I am getting so frustrated, I cannot control these people. Something needs to be done!!!!!

  131. Sandra I know when my clients tell these scammers that they know its a scam and wont ever pay a penny they will cease calling. If you speak to your supervisor and let them know you are being scammed there is no reason for the to fire you. But be firm and lets these people know they will never get one dime from you. They tend to prey upon easy targets. Also, since they are out of the country there is little anyone can do to stop this. Its sad but if enough people get this information it will be harder for these scammers to target people.

  132. Marie Black on   

    I figure if a company was seriously calling to collect money they would have a representative who could speak English without a heavy accent. Someone we could understand. They were telling me that my SS# was under investigation. And that would be for??????????????
    Well, they have called a couple of times to work and home and I’m not falling for it.

  133. Good Marie, don’t fall for it.

  134. Today got 3 different phone calls. One he says his name is “Adam Jones” call back number is 818-538-9546, two “Brian Smith” 281-763-7911 and the last one was on my cell with a caller id number of 800-658-99. Also, it cames up with an id of 0000. I am keeping record of these numbers, because they have been calling my “references” and harassing them too. I told my friends not to pay attention to them, so they won’t. These people need to be stopped!! Sick and tired of it and I want to take charge to get them stopped and hopefully everyone else is too. What I don’t understand is, when you ignore these people, they just keep on calling. Please let me know what to do or anybody else out there that got them to stop, share the info. Thanks!!

  135. This number, 716-541-0950 just called… has been calling now for WEEKS. Calling my cell and my work. Co-workers even told them I didn’t work there anymore. The name that calls me is Alex Marshall and he’s from the “Federal Crime Department.” I haven’t responded to these calls. My co-worker called them one day and she asked what country their business was in and he refused to tell her, telling her, “why does it matter?” Yeah, ok buddy. This crap seriously needs to stop.
    And yes…. they do have my SS number. That’s the part that bothers me, but I currently have blocks on all my credit reports.

  136. I have been receiving these calls off and on for months from different numbers all from men with a very thick Indian accent. I can never understand them, yet they always have a very American name like Shawn White, Eric and the latest is Justin. They say the same thing to me every time. They have left messages at my house and on my cell phone. They called me one time at 5:45 in the morning. One man named Shawn White called me back one time and asked me if I wanted to F**K! When I call the numbers back after a few hours they are disconnected. Now they are calling my work and harassing the office staff that answers the phones. They have been told not to call anymore, but still continue. I called them today and told them not to call my place of employment anymore or I would file a police report and they told me not to threaten him and now they would make sure I got fired. They continued to call my work today over 100 times! Then I called him back continually to ask for the address of his company and he would not disclose that information. He became very rude with me, called me names and he asked me why I was harassing him. I filed a complaint with the FTC and let him know. Guess what, he hung up on me and now his number is changed. The calls came from the numbers (760)429-2889 and(516)833-3490.

  137. These same people have been harrassing me for about 4 months now. I was nervous at first, with all of their crazy threats, now I have found that, that’s all they are is crazy! They all have thick Indian accents, and they all refer to themselves as Officer Jack Smith or Attorney John Howard and names like that. They call over and over again. When you don’t answer, they keep calling back. First they call your work line and then your cell and/or home phone, immedidately after that. I personally have consulted with a friend, who is an Attorney for some advice. He told me to get addresses from these people, if possible, and send them a debt validation letter. Some of the addresses didn’t exsist and some were actually real addresses, that I believe they just gave me got off of the internet. I looked up the phone numbers by doing a reverse look-up, on-line in the white pages and I couldn’t find any of them. I sent letters via certified-mail and have yet to receive a return signature receipt,or a letter of validation, which is what I suspected would be the case. In each vmail I received, they basically all told me that I needed to contact them or have my “retained Attorney” contact them, and not to ignore the message, or if I do then, good luck to me and whatever happens to me. I’ve done a lot of research on all of this, since it started and basically, everything they are saying they will do, is not even legal and they can’t do anything to you. Also, a collection agency is required to state at the beginning of a call that they are “required by law, to let you know that this is an attempt to collect a debt”. If they do not say that, then there probably not a real collection agency. The other thing is that if you send a letter, requesting debt validation, they are required by law to stop contacting you until they have sent you the information you have requested. They have to send it to you by mail, with the “original” company that you incurred the debt with and what gives them the legal right to collect on this debt. You can also put in your letter that they are no longer allowed to contact you by phone, only by mail, until this is resolve and they are legally obligated to do so. If you have done all of this and they are still calling, you should just ignore the calls, they are all fraudulent. What I’ve found is that once I send the letters out, I get no response, but then I start getting calls from another number, and some of them, I think, are even the same guy, posing as a different person, collecting on a different debt. When I have spoken to them, they almost ALWAYS have said that I am being charged with 3 counts. They cannot charged you for any of that. The most a collection company can do is try to collect the debt and worst case/place a judgement against you to collect through your paycheck or other bank account. Neither case will put you in jail.

  138. I inquired for several payday loans on the internet approx. 2 months ago, but did not accept any offers. It was requested that I give my social security number, drivers license number, and bank information for processing of the application. I have now started receiving calls from Indian male callers stating that I have committed fraud and will be arrested or have to appear in court. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MONIES. On April 26, 2011, I received 4 calls form the following numbers: 347-753-8137 – 206-495-9957- 850-810-5077 – 786-441-0166. All the callers were male Indians, rude, and very intimidating and they all threatened me with arrest or having to appear in court. It makes no difference when I inform them that no monies have been deposited in my account,

    At 6:35pm on April 27, 2011, I received a call from and Indian male who identified himself as Alan White advising me to send a fax to a Thomas Wilson, Restitution Officer, giving my name, address, phone#, credit or debit card information, drivers license# and statement agreeing to pay Cash Advance $375.00 and upon receipt of my information, they would discharge all pending legal matters. The fax # is 206-350-4062. At 7:14pm, I received a very irate call from “Alan White” inquiring as to where the fax was. The first phone number “Alan White” called from was 620-707-3996 and the last phone number was 512-588-7163.

    On April 28, 2011 “Officer Alan White” called at 10:50am 610-707-3996. I informed him that I knew this was a scam and I had notified the FBI, FTC, States Attorney Office and local police and not to call me anymore. He became very agitated and I once again repeated who I had notified at which time he hung up on me. How do I get rid of these scammers and can they use my information for their use?

  139. ive two seperate people call me like this.they actually had all my personal info.they took out two loans in my name.right bank but wrong acct having to file a police report and send it to theses people now to prove it wasnt me.they are using a local area code8176523550, careful they have all my info from a payday loan i tried to get at christmas but got denied.

  140. An unknown number called and pretended to be a John Marshall. He stated my Social Security number and my address on the voice mail. He says I have an illegal case file against me. I have to call him at (212) 389-7914 within 48 hours, or else the police will be sent to my address and something with my S.S. # will happen. He has an attorney who can supposedly help me in the matter. First of all, I have never been in trouble, I know this man is full of shit! Furthermore, he too has a Indian or Pakistani voice with an American name. That makes a lot of sense. I reported this to the F.B.I website. It sort of scared me at first, but I am too smart to know it is a scam.

  141. 904-222-8155 Person called my place of business and told my manager that I had a lawsuit against me. I called back and the guy said his name was Marshall and that my computer had been monitored and that I had three fradulent charges against me for a payday loan.

  142. Priscilla on   

    I received a phone call late Friday afternoon; after 5 o’clock from (818) 538-9546. The representative I spoke to was a lady with a strong accent, couldn’t tell if it was Indian or what but it was hard to understand her sometimes. She stated she needed my Attorney’s information because they filed paperwork to the courts to pick me up on Monday morning from work by a Sheriff Deputy. She continued to call me a “Prime Suspect” “Habitual Criminal”. She stated that I could take care of the debt and avoid going to court if I made a payment of 910.58. She asked for my bank account information and a faxed letter stating i would authorize them to debit my account for 455.28 twice to fulfill my debt. Being scared of losing my job I gave her what she needed. On Monday, I went to see a family friend that is in the Debt Consolidation business and she advised me that it was not legal to scare, threaten and harass anyone for a debt. She advised me to close my account immediately, send them a certified letter advising them of their illegal tactics and that I was going to report them to my local Attorney General’s office. I have since attempted to call them to get their address to send the certified letter and they do not answer. I get a voice mail stating they are not available and their voice box is full. Gold figure.

  143. That is very sound advice Terri.

  144. Cassandra on   

    This company is harassing me. They have called my work several times in 2 days; they bounce around different extensions and ask to be transferred to me. They have told people at my job that I am a criminal and that I owe a debt that I am “running away from” When they reach me on the line they are loud and rude, very difficult to understand they call from multiple numbers 303-214-2129, 800-390-7585, 888-297-4214, 888-385-9624. They threaten to have me arrested but refuse to give me details of the alleged debt. They tell me that I must send them money immediately or legal action will be taken. They refuse to give me their address or email address. I cannot understand them half of the time and after being on the phone with them for 2 minutes they start screaming at me, telling me that I am a criminal, that I should be arrested, that my property will be seized etc. They said that they would continue to call my job and let everyone know that I am a “bad person who should be in jail” My job has issued me warnings about this and there is nothing I can do to get them to stop calling. I have entered complaints about them at both the Attorney Generals office and the FTC.

  145. I have been getting phone calls from these people too. They have been calling my place of employment as well. I simply just play along with them . I know they cant arrest me , or send me to jail over a payday loan that was not even deposited into my checking acct . I contacted the local police dept and they said this is something new it is called spoofing . And there is not much they can do about it . Im sure the attorney general is working on this. Every time they call I just say what ?? Cant hear you or understand you . They give out american names and even say they are a police officer. I laughed .I knew I didnt get a payday loan from these people. I always get loans in writing . Once they know they cant scare you than the calls seem to deminish a little . One time they said I owed them 5,000 bucks . I laughed .

  146. If these scammers have your bank account information, close your account immediately!! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND THEM MONEY OR GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION…… If they keep calling, inform them that you have contacted the FBI, State’s Attorneys Office, local police, Secret Service and the Federal Trade Commission. Once they know you are onto them, they will leave you alone. GOOD LUCK!!

  147. I am the Customer Service manager for a small corrugated box mfg and we have been getting these phone calls for months now. They always asked for one of our employees that works in the shop and when they are informed that we do not transfer calls unless they are family emergencies, they get very irate and belligerent. Like others here have stated, they always possess a very strong Indian / Middle Eastern accent and will use different personas each time they call. One time they identify themselves as lawyers, then officers of the law the next. No matter how many times we inform them of our policy, they always react the same and call in the next day. Since they do not have my name and I will not provide them any contact info, I have now started having some fun with them to break up my day. When they call, I assume the identity of the person they ask for, lets say “John Smith”. I then let them go over their whole spiel, before I tell them they have the wrong “John Smith”. I then transfer them to the correct “John Smith”, which is me again only with a different voice. I repeat the process again, let them finish and inform them again that they have the wrong “John Smith”. I transfer them again and do the whole thing all over in a different voice. I have gotten up to 6 “different” John Smiths before they get so frustrated they say they are sending the police and they hang up. Try using a back woods southern voice and act real confused and say something like this “dang don’t tell me I is in trouble with the law. Golly jee wiz, I just cants go back to the big house…. etc etc”. It is priceless. I usually have to put them on hold because I am laughing too hard. I figure if they are going to waste my time by calling, I am going to waste as much of theirs back.

  148. linda sanderholm on   

    5/10/11 some chinese man called himself travis said i owed this payday advance load i got over the internet, no i started to apply but then i cancelled it i did not want it so now he calls and threatens me and says he is sending the sheriff out and putting me in jail i checked all my bank statements with the lady at my bank and there was never any money deposited in my account, how can people do this i have a heart condition and am on disability then they call and scare the crap out of you this is so—-wrong travis chinese 510-214-8906is his number and there was alot of chinese men in the background.i could hear them talking”’please catch these people, thank you

  149. linda sanderholm on   

    also he said this loan supposely was 1-10-09 and is calling me now”’

  150. Laurie Ann Barbier on   

    I have been on the phone with individuals from this number and have actually filed a police report on them. SO far they have called my cell asking to confirm my social, family names etc. Which they can’t seem to get anything exactly right. They have called first claiming that I had committed bank fraud and I was going to jail, they threatened to seize my bank funds etc. I immediately contacted the police and filed a report. But we are going on a year later now and now I just bait them for more information like I was instructed. So far they have repeatedly called again and claimed to by Cyber Crime Prevention and I am being investigated for cyber fraud, then they called and said that I committed Bank Fraud again, and then they called and said they are with Crime Prevention. George Matthews is to be my point of contact and his number is 818-538-9546. If I call the number back they say he works there but now no one can speak to me until my attorney calls. They even went so far as to give me case number MS30312. This number is located in California and there are cell sites all over in Florida and other states. They are a Metro PCS affiliate so far this is all I know. It is a little concerning to me that someone can call from out of the country and claim this type of knowledge and be threatening US citizens. Something needs to be done immediately.

  151. Ted Kunkel on   

    I just got a call sayin I owed for a loan thru cash advance, this place does not exsist anymore, the number they called from was totally different then the one they left for me call and its coming out of florida claiming they are called accatel which does not exsist eitherthe numbers they use are 305-260-6689 and 231-285-4290, they are most likely calling from overseas and buy american numbers I don’t know why the phone companies do this or at least verify it. One day I got call from the sheriffs dept claimin they had a warrant for me for pay day loan and when I called the number back I got the sheriffs dept but they had never called me, these scammers had tapped into the sheriffs number and makin calls from it to make it seem real, if ever u get one make sure u call the sheriff back cause for one if they have a warrant they are not going to call u first and give u time to run or tell u they will drop it if u wire money to some pay day loan place but to a personal name. They need to execute of few of these pieces of crap and they will stop this garbage..

  152. linda sanderholm on   


  153. vickie harris on   

    I just received a call from a Jeff Wilcox, allegedly from Pacific Credit Services, at (305) 260-6689. He claimed he was representing LLC Law Office and trying to collect on a loan of $5,840 I supposedly borrowed online. He had the last four of my Social Security Number and my email address and threatened to call my employer next if I didn’t make payment arrangements. Then he said law officers would be at my job to pick me up at 11 a.m. tomorrow, along with my employer and two witnesses to take me to court for prosecution. I told him “OK, I’ll be waiting at the front door at 11 am tomorrow.” I called the number back and a John Wilson answered, who has also been calling my home and my job with similar threats. I let him know once again that it is against the law to impersonate a police officer or officer of the court and that I had logged onto this site to report them, along with the FCC and my local police department.

    DO NOT LET THESE IDIOTS INTIMIDATE OR FRIGHTEN YOU. They have your numbers and information because of something you’ve purchased online or if you apply for any type of credit or loan online, but they can only get money from you if you authorize them to or confirm your bank info with them.

  154. I keep getting calls from Jeff Wilcox stating they are going to file a case in court worth 5,000. I told him I was going to pay so he made payment arrangements . so he emailed me a form will his name and the number to the office 305-260-6689. I was never going to pay I just wanted his name on some paperwork I am going to take it too my lawyer . He is so rude and scary . Thanks Jeff

  155. I have been getting horrible calls from Jeff Wilcox at 305 260 6689

  156. I re ceived a call from a Alex Sharaz, says he is with Estate Investigations. the number was 914-612-7156. He said I had to pay them 400.00 for a payday loan i never received or if i didnt they were going to come to my work and serve me and said it would then cost me 7000.00! I was furoius, and scared… Found out the number was from Accatel and was transfered to a different compnay on March 2011.. They have called me numerous times!! I just hang up! Please be awre all! It is terrable that these people are scamming people of all ages!

  157. I have more telephone numbers for you: 305-260-6689, 585-331-8608, 646-727-4981. They say that I owe a loan to Advance America. I called Advance America and they’ve never heard of me … nothing in their records with my social, phone number, etc. These people say they work for PCS (Pacific Credit Services) and Acropolis Law Firm. I called Pacific Credit Services and they’ve never heard of me either. I’ve gotten addresses and yes, they turned out to be phony. They have repeatedly call my employer; she now hangs up on them. I have filed a report with the FTC, with the Attorney General’s office in my state and with the local police department. My next step is to contact the three credit bureaus and put a flag on my information.

  158. i have been getting the same call too. A guy with thick indian accent threating my daughter.tell them when they call you just talked to their mother thats an insult or pretend when they call you have a investigator listen in on the other line to trace teom it worked for a while until my daughter went on line but she canceled the loan it started over.A john flynn called the name he used 562-296-2864 another number they call from 818-338-2220 he call himself al richards. they will also call on the phone with unknown number don’t andswer.I told one guy his mother sleeps with dogs he was so angry then hang.the investigator is listen seems to work say”did you ge that officer” these dogs need to stop.out here in California the news did a special report on these scamer. put pressure on your local news station to get the word out.just hold the phone and breath until they hang up.don’t be afaid of these foreign dogs they will get theirs one day when found.

  159. Cynthia Drzymala on   

    I have recently received a call from these type of people claiming they are from a Harris Law Firm and that I owe CashUSA for a loan that is not on my credit report and this loan was back in 2008. The number that keeps calling me is 503.661.8506. They are harassing me at work and they are harassing my husband. They have provided me with the fax number 206.666.5143 they have threaten me with jail time and an 8,000 dollar fine for court cost.

  160. Cynthia Drzymala on   

    Correction on the number it is 530.661.8506 I have spoken to a James Brown and Joe Carder. Both indian accent.

  161. I just received a call from a James Smith (really original) at 305-260-6689 saying that he was going to get me fired from my job if I didn’t pay him $500. He also said that he would ruin my credit. Thankfully I have worked in collections myself and knew that he was in the wrong, but he continued his calling. However, after I confronted him on his fraud he said “what are you gonna do about it, call the FBI?” That just made me madder because he seemed to be saying that he’s untouchable. I wish there was more that I could do so that others don’t get ripped off. He was very convincing and then very threatening. Hope someone else is helped by this post.

  162. I received this voicemail from John Wilson claiming to be with PCS Pacific Credit Services and that I or my attorny over my records need to call him back asap as this was a time sensitive matter regarding negative information on my credit. I called him back and he stated he had just received my case file from Advanced America stating that I took out a loan with them in 2010 and my last payment was in Jan 2011 and now I am refusing to pay it back. He stated I needed to call Advanced America at 585-331-8608. I called Advanced America. A middle eastern man answered and just asked for my last name – I gave him my last name and a moment later he came back with all my information. He stated my account was delinquent and that was a bad status to be in. I asked him when the loan was obtained and for much and he told me he wasn’t authorized to give me any information as he just sent my case file to PCS. I called PCS back and John Wilson answered. I told him I just spoke to Advanced America and that I was told to speak to PCS. I asked John for information regarding this case file. He stated he was only authorized to notify me that I was being taken to court so they can make an example out me for taking out a loan online and refused to pay. He stated he sent my SSN to the credit bureau and that he downloaded my case file and sent it to the attorney general. I asked him what the attorney generals name was and he listed off 5 he said he worked under. I asked what state these attorney generals work in and he stated FL. I asked to speak to his boss who he insisted was not in. He insisted this attorney general will contact me tomorrow around 11 am and they will provide me with information on when to be in court and where. I assured him I will not be going to court. This man stated if I do not show up his company will drag me to court!! I asked him to repeat his statement and asked if he just threatened me – his quote ‘ Yes, I did just threthen you, I am now pissed and if you do not show up, we will come and drag your ass to court!” – I was furious. My husband got on the phone and asked for his information. He refused to give his website. He stated his address was on Pine St in FL, where he claimed ALL of the attorney generals were located! As mentioned – I looked up this information and no company exsists! the zip is for mexico! THIS IS FRAUD!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!! – As mentioned from other responses they called their work. I must now go to work and explain this bs to my boss in case they call. I will also change my bank account information and report to the credit companies to put a flag on all accounts! I advise everyone to fo the same!

  163. Thanks Kathy, I wish there was something more we can do to protect ourselves from this scam. Hopefully people will see this to be fraud and not pay one penny to these scammers.

  164. Cynthia Drzymala on   

    I really didnt know this was a scam until it was to late. The phone numbers dont match. Why would they Call me from a CA number (530.661.8506)then give me a WA (206.666.5143) fax number. It dont make since. Now these indian accent people are harassing me and my husband plus my employer that they need to hand over all information about me to them so they can garnish my wages and so on. Then claims that they have no way of contacting me. But yet they have my phone number. I was going to send them a letter of cease and desist but like i said the fax and the phone dont match the same city. These people are driving me crazy. How can I report that they are doing this to me? And its for a loan thats not even on my credit report. So its a little fishy. A Joe Carder and James Brown contacted me from the 530 number. This so called James Brown is very rude and harasses my boss about giving him the district number to the office to garnish my wages. And Calls and threatens me with Jail time and a 8,000 dollar fine for court. Its something that needs to be put to a stop. These ppl are nerve racking.

  165. These folks are calling me repeatedly and telling me a hve a loan in feb from cash advance, and she went so far as to say well how do i have your email and social if you didnt get the loan? I wqas like i dont kow because that email is brand new and I didnt have it in feb! then i jsut hung up, jsut to be sure i checked my account and there is no deposit like i thought!

  166. I have received numerous calls from India sounding men stating that I have taken out a payday loan from CashNet USA and failed to pay. They stated it was a federal offense so I would be going to a federal prison over $359.15. I told them to take me to small claims and they didn’t want to do that. I advised them I knew he didn’t live in the United States as they were foreign and they stated they were my next door neighbors so they would be at my house that night with the police to have me arrested (which I am still waiting on that). I checked with my bank and no loan has been received. They have left the following names and numbers: James Anderson 352-358-1863 Alfred Thomas 916-760-0496 Officer Mark Walker 347-753-8040. Keep in mind that all three are American names and all three are an India Decent. Can’t they be stopped. Calling my work now and threating to have me fired.

  167. I did call back and it states their voice mail was full. Also, the caller ID’s left on my phone are 0000 too.

  168. They actually tried to call me trying to collect money on a payday loan which I have never taken out. I just pretended I couldn’t understand them and they have never called me back.

  169. I have received many saying they are marshalls and money was deposited in to my account and i never paid he knew my address bank name all that i told him stop calling me and send me a letter. i also called him some names and tell the other to stop calling 408-905-2092

  170. For about 6 months i have been receiving phone calls from them, and they have also been calling my place of employment which is embarrassing. I am only 18 and have not used a check cashing place before but they are sayingthey are with cashnetusa and the number is a 504 or 906 area code

  171. I received a call lastnight on my voicemail that said that I needed to get a ahold of them or my attorney because I had 3 criminal claims against me for a payday loan that I never paid on the voicemail was very incriminating. I called the number back and the guy that picked up the phone did not say where I was calling all he told me was that his name was John Davis I kept asking him where I was calling and could not understand what he was saying,finally I realized that he was saying Pacific Credit Services. John told me that Advanced Payday has sent me 21 e-mails and I did not respond to them, I asked him why they didn’t mail documents or call me? Supposably they didn’t have my number well how the Hell did these guys get my number? I called a number that they gave me to talk to this Advanced Payday they didn’t answer but called me back. I received 15 calls just today and then a text. WELL….. Everyone know that creditors are not going to text you. So the next time they called my daughter picked up the phone acting like she was me and told them that she was not going to send them a dime until she checks them out with the State and the Better Business Bureau needless to say the guy said “you do not owe me any money” and the hung up. The numbers I have are 305-260-6689 & 724-349-2121. I hope that everyone reads this and does not get scammed. Good luck to all of you.

  172. I received a call today both at work and my cell phone by an indian gentlmen with a strong accent stating he was from Mike Anderson Law office stating that it was concerning a law suit against me and said my ssn since he was unable to reach me he left a voice mail stating I could be in alot of trouble if I do not call back. The only way I knew it was a scam is that there is this scam on the internet for payday and the number that the gentle left on my email was one of the numbers 1-347-418-0401 I just wonder how these people are getting my information?

    Rhonda Lindenmuth

  173. I keep getting calls also from men from India with names like Paul Smith, Robert Connors and they call my work and try to get me fired. Paul Smith called my work about 9 times one after the other. He told a co-worker and my manager “I want to get her fired”. I got scared and started paying him and now another guy from India called and said he was from a legal department and trying to collect on the same payday loan and I told him I had arrangements with someone else and he said too bad that he was working with USCashadvance directly and I have to pay him. I don’t know what to do! Anyone have any suggestions? His name is Sean and calls from area code 646 and Paul Smith calls from a Fl area code 904.

  174. Stop paying those guys and let your boss know they are a scam.

  175. Stressed Out on   

    I got a call from a guy with a strong india accent who had an american name of Steven Johnson. They told me I have an outstanding balance of $243.43 & I was to write a letter attn to their lawyer by the name of Travis Walker with my check card number & all my account info. They even told me word for word what to write on the letter. I’m glad that I googled this number before I did anything! The number they called from was 916-760-0496 & his ext number was 258. The fax number they gave me was 206-3510-9594

  176. The most recent number that called me was 9724729922..very irritating because I got my number changed but they are calling my place of employment! Its very embarrasing and irritating becaue I never took out a loan of any kind and every bill I have I pay on negligence..I really want something to be done..this has been going on for a long time now.

  177. ..I forgot to include that they have heavy indian accent and give me different names like..Johnathan Lowe, Mike Jones, Dan Martin..jus to name a few…please DO NOT give any info to them..they may have your info already but dont verify anything! Also, dont be are the victim and hopefully something gets done..Im willing to help take these scammers down by any and all means..

  178. Your right this has been going on way too long. I will place the number you listed in the database so others can see it as well. Thank you!

  179. Reporting them will do no good. These calls have been going on for a few years. They even use phone spoofers and change there numbers often. The only thing you can do is not pay them because this is a scam, don’t get mad, they want you to get angry. Google Payday loan scam from India and all the information you need will come up about these calls. The fbi, department of homeland security, police, nobody will be able to do anything to stop this. They are in India, a country of a billion people with very little laws, probably in a tiny office with 10 people making calls. Dig in because as long as they receive money from anybody – the calls will continue.

  180. This happened to me but he had all my information — social — address— bank account and numbers — I filed a police report and emailed the Attorney Generals office of CA where (in my case) officer Stewart Marshal badge number 2961 claimed he was from — phone number 408 905 2092 — I am complete mess not knowing how they have everything that they do about my life — the police called them and they still answered all questions the police could nail them with

  181. I rec’d a phone call on 06/16-06/17/11 from a man with a heavy indian accent named “Ricky Watson” he stated to me that someone used me as a guarantor on a loan that had fraudulently activity on it. he stated he was calling from the legal law investigation dept law firm but never gave me the name. he said they are on 139 East 39th st NY NY 10016. The phone # he called from was 347-377-7717. he told me that i have have legal actions pending against me for this person defaulting on the loan and that i could be ordered to court along with this person. this person applied for the loan but never rec’d it and used me as a reference. When i rec’d the phone call this morning i did a 3 way with the police dept and they refused to give any additional information. Please be aware of this scam with this phone number as it is bogus !!!

  182. This person keeps harassing me. The number is 347-418-0401 the name he gave me is Brian Lincoln, with a heavy Indian accent. From a American legal Dept. I wish I knew how to stop them from calling.

  183. We just started receiving calls like this today. The call was actually for my husband. The first time, a ‘Officer John Matthew” with a really heavy indian accent called and left a message claiming to be with the Bureau of Crime Identification (which to my understanding is the name of a real Crime Assistance program that assists law enforcement at crime scenes and with DNA collection, etc…Im guessing, its not these guys) and that my husband or his attorney needed to call him immediately and if he did not receive a call then my husband would face “serious criminal charges.” The guy called back again tonight, around 6pm, asking for my husband claiming the my husbands name and social was given to him for investigation into a legal matter. The whole thing didnt sound legit to me and I had a feeling it was a payday related issue so I immediately called Payday Freedom and the girl I spoke to was really helpful and advised it was a scam and NOT to answer the calls anymore. The number showed up as a California number (707)646-1658 x 898. Our problem will be that my husband actually does work in law enforcement and if these people end up with his work number and continue to call over and over he can end up with disciplinary action. Is there no way to prevent these guys from calling?

  184. Based on our experience the people who tell these scammers they wont every get one dime they are not bothered any more. Some people pretend they dont understand these scammers and they get frustrated and give up. Unfortunately since they are out of the country there is nothing our law enforcement or govt., agencies can do. We can only stand up as a people and say “NO” to them.

  185. I received a call from a “Officer Peter Black”. Also with a heavy indian accent. He has called four times claiming that my husband had taken out a PayDay Cash Loan and that we had to pay $5000 to insure that the loan was paid back. He used obscene language and demanded that we send the money immediatly. When we refused he said that not only would my husband go to jail that I would also. On the last call today (06/16/11) I told him that I had already contacted my police dept. and the FBI/fraud dept. They hung up quickly. Don’t give these people ANY info. The no. they called from today is 661-230-3036.

  186. i am receiving these annoying calls at my job also…the number today is 904-647-8580 from brian mercer

  187. 760-392 5048 this is happening to me now… he called my friend who is scared, called me and left threatening messages and then called my job and told them I was involved in some legal court thing. OMG he is unrelenting… when I called to ask info he put me on with a supervisor and then that guy started to talk over me and threaten me when I told him I contacted the FBI he hung up but kept calling back… I need to do more reporting to stop this insanity…

  188. These people keep calling me. I even told them I would report them to the FTC they laughed it off so I did. I asked them for their contact information which they gave me their mailing address and everything. I looked it up and it’s an address to a museum in California. I have blocked their number for the moment on my cellphone but they are still calling my office. They are very annoying.

  189. Their now calling from 214-989-6844..Please catch these guys!!

  190. Terrance on   

    I have more numbers these people with strong Indian accents are calling from 206-337-7372 and 909-503-0684. Sad to say i’ve just been a target of this scam as well. Apparently they said I took out a loan through CashNET USA or Cash Advance. A man by the name of Jack Marshall claiming to be a lead attorney for Morgan & Associates law firm, again with a strong Indian accent, threatened to send a temporary termination letter to my job, and sue me for $5000 unless I pay $750 on a $300 loan I allegidly took out. I asked for the company information from the company thats sueing me they couldnt provide that information, I asked them when was the court date they couldnt provide that either. Through a reliable friend who works for CIA, I traced the number to a landline in Colton California..but is being used from a out of country origin. I researched this issue and WALLLA I find out these people are pulling these bogus scams around the USA. Very scary to know these people know all my personal and banking information. I had to change my banking and account numbers immediately! BIG SCAM PEOPLE DONT FALL FOR IT!

  191. I was going to take out a payday loan butt during the 2 day waiting period I cancelled the loan with the cash net. About month later a received I a call just like everyone else above. They were extremely rude. For example they asked how would I like it to have them come here and tie me up and watch them rape my mother, they used more colorful words. Then they would beat the hell out of me until I played them 27000 dollars, they knew everything, my SS, DL#, my bank account #. I don’t understand why they have not been dealt with yet. They call every day about 10 times a day. I called the payday loan place where I was going to take out the loan and they said I didn’t owe anything. What is wrong with this county where they let terrorist do this?

  192. I have received the same calls, threatening my work, my home, and claiming dire legal consequences…using number 305-260-6689 Ben Mathews and then leaving threatening voice mails and transfering to his supervisor who also threatens multiple legal consequences. When asked to verify his information, he is unable to provide anything in writing and then claims all sorts of allegations associated with my SS# which I won’t provide over the phone. Harassing phone calls, threats, all part of the game. Solutions?

  193. Brittanie on   

    got a phone call lastnight from a woman names Tracy Roberts saying I was being sued for outstanding debts she gave the name of the company which i cound not understand and the call back number was completely different than the number she called with she even said she was gonna call my fiance and tell him and i was gonna be in big trouble. the number she called from is 1-727-286-3818 called at 8am and told me to call 347-418-0401 or i was gonna be sued. I have been getting calls like this for the last year or so just report them and ignore it cause they wont do anything.

  194. I recieved a call today from a man with a strong Indian accent by the name of Ervin Peter. The number was listed out of Colton, CA. He transferred me to another Indian sounding man claiming to be an attorney by the name of Frank Hamilton that was very rude and unprofessional. When I asked for his attorney number he hung up on me. I did a search for that name on the California Bars website and the only one I found was deceased. The fax number I was they gave me is listed for a business in Watertown, SD. Ask for attorney id numbers and look them up on your states attorney Bar website. A legitmate attorney will give you there number if you ask for it.

  195. That is very sound advice. Anytime a legitimate attorney calls you he or she will gladly give you their bar number.

  196. I got the call from (909) 503-0684 today. Wasn’t really expecting anything like this. He refused to disclose the nature of the “lawsuit”. Anyway, once I figured out that he was threatening a lawsuit, I told him, “Fine, do it… see you in court”. He kept trying to talk over me, so I kept raising my voice too. I guess once he realized he’s not going to win a shouting match with me, he said “have a nice day” and hung up!

    I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him again.

  197. 305-260-6689 keeps calling my job after my employer and I tell them they are not allowed to call. Same thing, claiming I owe a pay day loan to AACA and that they are taking me to court. Reading a fake affidavit, they ask me for attorney’s info and then eventually for the amount I owe. Even though in the beginning, they claim they can call me b/c it is not a collection, but towards the end of the call ask for money

  198. I am getting messages from an Indian man who claims his name is Thomas Wright. He says that this is a time sensitive matter and that if my attorney or I do not call him back then he just wishes me luck. I have no idea who or what he is calling about and he does not stop calling.

  199. He is definitely part of the scammers trying to collect on a payday loan debt you may or may not owe. Do not take his call or give him one penny if you do speak to him.

  200. Last night I received a voicemail from “Lacey” who claimed to be with the Criminal Investigations Dept of Accounts Receivable. She did not have the Indian accent but said that I or my attorney must call immediately or they would proceed to the next level. I did an Intellius search for the number and it was made out of CA. This morning I called Intellius and was told that they werw doing a full search for this person and number. They said that it was either a blocked number or pre paid number. The number was 424 249 8461. Has anyone else been called from this number or person?

  201. I have been getting calls from these people too for the past year. They call from different numbers. I have lost track of the different numbers. At first they were calling my house and cell phone, and now recently they are have called my employer and a friend of mine, whom I had as a reference. the recent number came from 315-538-9925. I have reported them twice to the District Attorney’s office (of the state the area code is from) I was advised on both occasions to fully ignore them, hang up when they call and never verify any information. They basically cannot be caught because they are calling from out of the country.

  202. This is actually a new number they are using. Haven’t seen it show up in the watch list yet.

  203. Security Alert on   


  204. HottiePatotti on   

    This is the number I’ve had them call me from: 305-260-6689. They are so rude and they keep leaving voicemails!

  205. Men with very thick indian accents threatening to call my job and boss. Wouldnt tell me the where the debt was from but stated my social and address to me. NOT OK!! Put a fraud alert on my credit and calling the atty general. Phone # 1-888-586-0485

  206. 347-504-0773 a man with thick accent called me today at work and on cell couldn’t understand half of what he was saying besides fraud and whether I had attorney. I was like no i don’t have an attorney and have no clue who you are. His name was clark willson.

  207. received a voice mail last night, saying i was going to be arrested for not paying a debt. These guys are idiots I work at a law firm, I know you cannot be arrested for not paying a debt.
    They have been calling on and off for months.
    Here is the number they used yesterday 727-346-8385-(Clearwater, Fl)

  208. 888-586-0485 and 282-726-2524 which turns out to be an invalid number Nicole Brown from Morris Lawfirm has contacted me stating I have action pending against me. She said they will come to my job and everything I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office that was no help. they made it seem like it was true and denied to help do anything. I will try the ftc. these calls started in march and stopped and now they have started again. they are harrasing me at work.

  209. Receive a call about every 3 months from these people…thick indian accents threatening legal action for an unpaid payday loan which I know for a fact that I had paid. Number that showed up on my cell phone was 0000 but he did leave a message as I know longer answer these calls saying his name was Bruce Marshall and left me a number of 917-628-2327 which when I called was not a good number.

  210. todd runge on   

    I was contacted last Thursday by officer Robert Brown of the National Banking investigative bureau had my ssn and all my info clearly a scam and he also had an Indian accent number he used was 661-230-3036 which comes back a land line in Edwards cal.

  211. a man with a heavy indian accent called from morris law firm and said they will have me arrested and will have me fired from my job,if i don’t respond back the number he left was 1-888-586-0485

  212. I have been getting these same calls. The first number was (512)588-7149. A man with a heavy Indian accent has called me 15-20 times a day for the last few weeks. It all started in May 2011. He said that if I did not pay them $400 dollars for a loan(which I never recieved) They would have a warrant issued for my arrest. They refused to give me a mailing address saying that the only way they would take a payment was over the phone. I told them that I didn’t have any money. They called me a liar and hung up on me. So I called them back and asked them why they hung up on me…because that wasnt very professional. He told me not to call again and hung up on me again. I tried to call back but they blocked my number. I thought it was over but then they started calling me again in last week. Then yesterday they called from (347)377-7717 and a man with a thick Indian Accent claimed to be Raymond W. Kelly the New York Police commissioner saying that they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest if I did not pay them(he literally said pay us) the money that you owe!! They also said that he would be at my place of employment to arrest me on Monday at 11 a.m. I live in Missouri so I find it very interesting that the New York police commisioner is coming all the way here to arrest me! I hate to think that people are falling for this scam! I was so relieved to find this site…it helped me realize that I was not the only person that they are doing this to!

  213. These scammers certainly aren’t very bright are they? I am glad you found our site as well.

  214. lois a kreitz on   

    I have been getting these same calls. I just got a call from a new york number (646)504-6547 I have been receiving these calls for the past year. several different numbers and they’ve used several different names. with this new number they say that they are sheriffs and that they are coming to arrest me unless i pay the amount of 400 dollars for a payday loan. I have never taken out a payday loan. I am disabled and haven’t worked for the past 6 to 7 years. i’ve been in touch with our local authorities and they have just informed me to hang up on them. not to say anything, to just hang up. that is just fine, but it doesn’t stop the calls and these calls can get rather annoying. my husband and i have declared bank ruptcey in january of this year..ive informed these people that if it was on our credit report it was cleared by our bank ruptucy and they tried to tell me that my situation wouldn’t clear that and i couldn’t include that. everyone one of these calls were by people with thick indian accents. i would love to know how to stop these calls…as i’ve stated, they get to be rather annoying. thank you..

  215. My caller ID on my phone shows 91970, the name was Shawn Johnson, also a thick Indian accent, told me to call back 305-260-6689, about a lawsuit. They have also called me work and I have told them not too. I just keep telling them to put it in writing and mail it US mail service, they usually hang up on me then. They call about every other month.

  216. These people WILL not stop calling me at work and leaving threatening messages on my bosses phone. I don’t owe any money, never got a payday loan but did fill out form for one over a year ago and these calls are threatening arrest, and all kinds of crap. I’m gonna end up getting fired if they don’t quit it. I’ve reported it to the FBI, the State attorney, the FTC and even filed a police report but they are STILL calling. The latest # is 213-221-2882 “Law Office” Mr. Brian Howard

  217. My caller name is Alex Marshall 512-234-5451 The calls started two months ago. Caller said I had a p-day loan in 2008 for the amount 589.00 that I did not pay. I was being sued wanted my lawers name. Also he told me I would be arrested for fruad and they would contact my employer. I have not had this loan and if I had someone would have contacted me before now? I asked him for a copy of the court papers and he hung up on me. I call him back and he hung up on me. Also had an Indian accent and very nosie in background. I traced the number to a site in Burnet Tx.

  218. This people are calling me my friends and my work I have called everyone to no avail. How do I get them to stop.

  219. I have heard from clients who called these people back and gave them a hard time for harassing them which stopped all the calls. These scam artists work on intimidation and people who turn the tables on these guys get the calls stopped. I even had one client who told them they were calling a security company and they were being recorded. They never called her again.

  220. I have been getting phone calls since last Friday from a guy with a heavy Indian accent and he claims he is with Anderson Law firm out of Orlando, Florida and that my social and all my information is under investigation for fraud because of a payday loan. The payday loan company is one that I dont even have a loan with and I have turned him in to the authorities and the Texas Attorney General for leaving threats about being arrested if I dont contact them. He has gotten cleaver and changed his number he is now using a number under skypeman1999 out of Clinton,new york which is a land line the number is 315-557-0207 and the Orlando, Florida number is 321-558-1002 which is a cell phone number. Your right nothing can be done to stop them but everyone should realize if they have your information there is a good chance your identity has been stolen as a result of them hacking the payday loan system to get your information.

  221. Just got another call from a female sounding heavy accent Indian or Chinese orient who told me not to ignore there calls and if I did that she wished me luck as things unfolded as a result of me not calling them back. I was getting calls from Orlando, Florida, now Im getting calls from a guy off of skype and now some oriental person out of Ione, California.. I have contacted my local police authority and everyone else because this is harassment and illegal you cant be arrested for debt. And I for one havent committed fraud everyone I deal with know its me and fraud means you are using someone elses information as your own so these people are preying on people who dont know any better. The phone numbers being used are 315-557-0207, 209-790-3740 from someone name greg wilson who was chinese really i know alot of chinese people and indian people and they dont have american names

  222. Just got 2 calls one yesterday from a phone number 512-234-5451 and man by the name of Paul Martin from a Harris law firm. Today the call was from 646-4995229. I gave them my attorneys information and let them deal with him. Could not believe I did not get the lawsuit paper work. They wanted to explain the case. Told them talk to my lawyer. He took the phone number and then hung up. This giuys name was Adam Lambert.

  223. I got a call from a collections claiming to be an attorney stating that they where going to do a federal lawsuit against me if i did not pay them. They would take me to federal court for fraud. The number they called from is 510 355-8737. He has an accent from India and he said he is based out of California.

  224. I received a voicemail today from a heavy accented man saying he was from Morrison Law Office, someone had a complaint against my name and social security #, he has my credit report and that if I didn’t call back then there would be someone showing up at my home or work. #’s 282-726-2524 and 877-228-2338. It freaked me out, so I called back and he asked me for my phone # and I said that you already have that since you called and he hung up on me. My husband called and got them to tell him that they were calling for US Cash Advance which I have never done business with and that I owe money, but couldn’t give him any other info becuase the paper work was with the lawyers, but supposely they are the law office.?? Anyways we went searching online becuase it surely felt like a scam, cause I know you can’t be arrested for a debt and I don’t have anything I am late on. Thankfully we found the fradulent info on them. just wish there was a way to stop them! I just don’t understand why people want to try to scam others when you know they don’t want it done to them! I called and put a alert on my credit report just in case they have any of my info…I didn’t give anything to them, but supposely they have it.

  225. You can certainly file a complaint with the Internet Crime Bureau If enough people do it they might be able to figure out a way to stop this.

  226. I receive multiple calls on my home number and work number from these people every week. This has continued now for SEVERAL months. I work for a law firm and even the senior partner has gotten on the phone with them. We push back and harass them and they STILL call. We have experienced all of the above – “this is officer _______ from your local sheriff’s department and we are sending officers to your place of business to arrest you. They will be there in an hour” … today it was Morris Law Firm. Previously we were told there are court papers filed against me for fruad and I could be arrested. The list goes on and on. When we request their address they put me over to a supervisor who continues to harass and refuses to provide nay information. Since they state they are a law firm, we asked to speak to a staff attorney to which they replied “what is your bar number?” and we said none fo your business. NEVER provide them with ANY personal information.

  227. I have been hearing numerous reports that the calls stop after the client calls them and harasses them back. These scammers apparently work on intimidation and if you go after them they tend to stop calling.

  228. My parents received a call, then my sister, twice today from an English speaking woman, Jackie Smith. I called back and spoke to an English speaking man, but the background noise was so awful, I could hardly get anything out of him, other than he knew the first 4 digits of my SS# and that I owed Mastercard $1000 from 2004! Whatever!!!

  229. I have been getting these calls at home & work from multiple phone numbers. They are absolutely relentless. They are very good and trying to intimidate you into paying what you don’t owe. Some of them are rehearsed because they use the same language/terminology – it is very scripted. They most recent one was very rude and just kept telling me he was going to contact my employer etc. I told him I would tell it to the judge when they take me to court and I hung up. I have filed a formal complaint with IC3 and the PA Attorney Generals office with various phone numbers.

  230. Hi,

    I call all this indian guys all day long and have fun playing his game, until they get mad and end the call but i call every 3 min, one of this guys almost cry and beg me to leave him alone because he can lost him job,and i told him i don’t really care about his life so i will keep calling him, please provide more numbers so we can have fun with them,


    Your Friend

  231. I’ve been receiving calls from weird numbers. The last one that showed up on my caller id was “0000.” This has been going on for the past 2 weeks and now I’m finally getting voice messages from an Alex guy with a thick Indian accent. It’s very noisy in the background, his voice is very unprofessional. Here’s the “Hotline number to his deparment” – or so he called it: 209-790-3740.

    Thank you David S. for getting back to me! I’m going to just ignore these calls from now on.

  232. It is our pleasure Arline. Glad we can help!

  233. Some foreign speaking NUT called me (at work) stating I owe a payday loan and they are going to file a case with the county court. I asked which court and they stated the name of the state I live in as the county court. I laughed and told the guy to play on someone elses phone and he hung up. The person was calling from 870-568-7011. This foolishness needs to stop!!!

  234. Received a call on 09/01/11, stating I a summon to appear in court had been issued in my name and that I was to contact Mr. Perry special Investigator at
    803-369-3108. the voice is that of a heavy black man. You can also here other phones and people talking in the background. I believe them telemarketers/ scam artist.
    I will file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

  235. They have been leaving me messages and all I can understand is attorney and best of luck. Well I answered today and they say they are the US dept of Justice and I had 300 deposited into my checking account in 2010 by American Cash Advance. Well I’ve never had a cash advance or payday loan ever. I asked for documentation and he replied that if he did that I would be agreeing to the debt and the judicial process would ensue and I would then owe 5000 instead of 300. He gave his address as 170 Park Row New York, New York 11040. If I understood him correctly lol. I told him I thought this was fraud and he said for me to come to New York and see for myself that he would show me. I said I will get on the next flight lol. What scares me is he had my banking account number so tomorrow I’m closing my account and opening a new one. He kept saying how he was trying to help me and if I didn’t let him he wished me the best of luck. The number he called me from was 12345678925. I’m not even kidding. I told him I would hope the US dept of Justice would have better things to do and also hire people that people could understand he started yelling at me after that.

  236. I have been receiving the same calls. Some guy from a law firm.. I can’t understand the heavy Indian accent. He says that my SS# is under investigation for fraud and I better call back. One of the numbers he is using is 282-726-2524. He is calling on my cell and work numbers. I am thankful I found this site, and I am going to close my bank account tomorrow.

  237. Excellent, glad we could help.

  238. I actually DO owe a cash advance but I have gotten numerous calls from these people as well, the first was from a tony something who called my job and told my boss that I was going to be arrested for fraud and that My employer and myself were to appear in Supreme Court the next day. My poor boss almost fainted, she called me at home so I called them back. An Indian sounding man informed me that I must immediately go get a green dot money pack and send them 550 within the hour then the police would be heading towards my home and place of business. I was scared to death. The first part of the # was a 714 number. After telling them that it was harassment and they were violating FDCPA I didn’t hear anything for about a month. Tonight when I came to work I got a not that a Mr gibson called from the bureau of crime for my state. I haven’t called back yet! I havent comitted any crime so I dont know why I should, I suppose if I had commited a crime they would be here not calling!

  239. These people have been calling my home as well – leave messages saying they are federal officers and if I ignore the request for funds, an officer will arrest me. Now they are calling my work and leaving messages – we are ignoring call but they are getting to be a nuisance. I told them to go check the internet that it is all over the internet that this is a scam and to not call my home anymore. I know don’t answer. The number they left at my work to call them is 650-452.6236.

  240. Thanks Elizabeth, I have updated our site to include that number.

  241. I got the same calls to. yesterday I someone called block and I answered it and it was the same people that kept calling my job.At first it was a guy and he said to hold on that he will give the phone to the Law forces or something like that,can’t understand with his accent, anyways a female came on the phone introduce herself by the name Michelle Cruz and the first thing she ask me was ” Do you have an Attorney?” I replied back “no, for what?” and then she start saying that they are calling on the behalf of Cash Advance and I owe them money, how they are telling me all these other rubbish about there 3 things that reason why they are calling me she told them but I still couldn’t understand cause of her accent. One of them she heard clear was that I made a fraud check and that’s when I interrupted her from she was trying to tell me, that I never made any check frauds, I don’t carry checks, and continue to keep saying what she wanted to say and asked me how am I gonna solve this.I said I don’t know, I thought this was all real cause I never came across these people before til I came across this website. I went along what she was telling me and asked me to pay $250.68, so iagreed to pay and then she ask me to write a letter and write it the way they say on the letter along with my debit card information and a photo copy of my I.D. and fax it to them, she called me at 10am on saturday expecting to fax the letter by 12pm. Well since I didn’t she kept blowing up my phone and then I blocked the unknown number and they called unblock with this number 584-710-1254. I called that number back by blocking my number and the operators saying that this number has been disconnected. I got fooled before by them in April by these same people and he said his name was Alex Watson, I never knew they were scams til now, well he got $200 off from me by doing the same procedures that these guys ask me to do and I faxed the letter with all my information to this fax number (206-309-3238). Thought to myself “something not right” that’s when I came online to find out if this person I talked was real. Come to find out they were scams. I got so angry so I tried to call the number(619 area code) back it was already disconnected. They is some one working with the Magic Jack phone company is helping these guys to change their numbers or maybe they work for Magic Jack and knowing the company system and keep using different numbers and reusing the number that they disconnect. So they must work for the company. The question is where are they really located.

  242. I also received a call from a indian guy named Mike today threating to send me to jail for a old loan I keep calling back for more info he’s being rude and saying to talk to my employer the number is from Texas 512-646-2091

  243. these guys have called me with the same b.s. when i finally realized it was a scam i called back asking if that was the customer service center for 7-11 and immediately criticized them sayin there was a hair in my slurpee and all the employees walked around barefoot god im gunna drive these people insane

  244. hi- i have just started receiving calls, i posted on another site when i first received a call… that area code was 951 the number was exact with other people. i never answer the phone but i still get left msgs… other numbers are 310-853-3491 305-587-2555 and the latest from yesterday and today ( today was the only msg from that number) 650-735-1563 robert william was the name.. this is so annoying.. i’ve saved the msgs also.. is anyone else getting calls from any of those numbers?

  245. The problem is once their numbers get reported as a scam they change the number through magic jack. I will update our site to reflect these new numbers. Thank you.

  246. One of my employees has been getting calls at work from the 650-735-1563 number stated above. He works graveyard so he is never here when they call. They have called 5 times today alone. On the 5th call I told them that the number they are calling is a private security firm’s dispatch phone line and that all calls to and from this number are recorded. The lady said something that I’m almost positive was not English and then ended the call. They did not call back after that, however that was at about 7pm. I attempted to call the number back and it said “The extention was not availible.”

    David, thanks for putting this site up. I was able to find you by typing the phone number in Google. Now I know for sure its a scam and what to do if they call again.

  247. You are very welcome Derick.

  248. got a number from 347 380 8980 they told me i had to call them back or else they were going to to call my boss..i been getting calls like this for months its all a scam

  249. Called me at work too. same number 650-452-6236. Said some of the same BS. I thought it was a scam, so I googled the number and viola, this shows up. I think next time I talk to them, I’ll give them a taste of their own medicine.

  250. saundra hamilton on   

    i have had 14 calls today alone. i have filed a complaint with the police, sheriff , bbb and internet fraud with the fbi.
    they threaten my arrest if i do not send money for a debt i do not have . they call from numerous numbers and use phony names of real companies.
    all heavy indian accents.
    today my granddaughter answered the phone and this idiot tells her she can be arrested if she doesnt get me on the phone!
    thats it. something needs to be done ot stop these people.
    Do not just “ignore” them. We need to stop these people!

  251. New number called today 630-322-0797 same Indian payday scammers, Willie & Wilson Legal Associates, Mr Albert White (very thick Indian accent and bad English) Says I will be arrested by CSI on Thursday at work if I dont pay $800. I called him back several times just to screw with him, the last call was from my “attorney” Macho Man Randy Savage (old tv wrestler from the 80s) he didn’t even get it. This is a stupid scam.

  252. New number 646-499-6029 stating first he is Officer Watkins, and tehn Allen Smith with the Government Law Office (yeah if they did not have heavy indian accents). They have threatened to have cops come to my office, when I asked for the company name and address he would not give me information. Stated that they e-mailed me abou this which is BS, then called again leavinga voicemail stating that They were laving a message for my Manager, stating that I had federal charges and that I used the company name. I place an IC3 complaint against the number.

  253. These guys keep calling me, too. 347-380-8980 is the latest number. The scariest thing about this scam is that they already have all of your personal information. Through researching these scammers, I’ve found out that people who find themselves in need of emergency funds and actually turn to payday loans and apply for a payday loan online, with one of those sites that “matches you with the best lender” is where these people actually get their information. I applied for a payday loan online through one of those sites, but never actually took a loan out. That’s when these calls started. They already have my name, social security number, place of employment, address, etc… they even have my bank account information! Why? Because I gave it right to them on that website! If you go along with the call long enough and make them believe you are going to pay them, they will ask you to fax over a notarized letter stating that you are not going to dispute the payment once it goes through. They do this so that their illegal scam becomes legal – you have given them permission to take your money and have stated you won’t try to get it back. While it is scary that they already have your bank information and they could just take money from your account if they really wanted to, they won’t because then it becomes illegal. Don’t fall for it, and don’t play games with them. They like that and they’ll keep calling you just for the thrill of it. Don’t even answer the phone. If you do answer one of their calls, simply hang up. They can’t arrest you or serve you a subpoena or do any of the things they threaten to do to you. The worst they can do is annoy you, and call people you have listed as references. I just told the people I listed on my application what was going on, apologized for it, and asked them to also hang up and not to pay it any attention. Good luck, and don’t let them rattle you no matter what they say.

  254. amy wurfbaum on   

    The number that called me with the same scenario was 308-443-1894. Thick Indian accent, and kept calling and changing his name. I reported them to the dept of consumer affairs. When I called this person out, he first cursed me out and then decided to make a joke of it and started asking me to marry him, and started asking personal questions. I of course did not tell him anything, but I did tell him that his phony company has been reported. They go by the name of Detection for Financial Fraud, or DFF. I also blocked my cell phone from receiving calls from that number. Please if you are getting these calls report them to the Dept of Consumer affairs at 800-771-7755.

  255. Isabelle R on   

    Public Credit Services

    (347) 380-8980

    Calls every few days for one of my employees. Because we field these calls they have not disclosed the purpose of the call. However, they state they are calling from a law firm and they are legal assistants.

    When we decline letting them speak to this employee they threaten violence, use foul language, and lewd remarks.

  256. (408)409-7802
    Calling about my mother…told me if I didn’t take this call seriously they were going to give my ssn and driver license number to the police and have me arrested. When I told him he was a fraud he called me some awful names Beware. Thy are very nasty people.

  257. Receiving calls from 508-313-2173 claiming to be an atty’s office calling for the Dept of Law and Investigation. Claiming i owe Cash Advance America and when i ask for more information they will not give it. They say the are having me arrested at 11 am tomorrow morning and then i’ll get the info in court. When i kept pushing, they hung up several times as i kept calling back. When i finally got someone else named Charlie i told him you cant just threaten to arrest people and then keep hanging up on them without giving them any information. He said that i wasnt going to get arrested they were going to “investigate” with the company that i said i didnt owe and get back to me with the latest info. In the mean time i have found out how this is all scams!! I even put a complaint in with the FTC.

  258. I continue to receive harassing and threating phone calls from 347-380-8980. The calls are from a Steven Johnson, Sean Johnson or James Johnson from PCS Law Investigators. The are claiming that they represent Cash Advance USA and they are demanding payment be sent via wire transfer. They have called my home and my place of employment. When I ask that they send me something in writing, they refuse. When I refuse to make payment, they threaten to have me arrested or contact my payroll department and have my wages garnished. When I tell them that they have to get a judgment or court order for wage garnishment, they become frustrated and hang up on me, then they call back using a different name. I intend to file a complaint with the FTC. This is a total scam.

  259. I always have a guy with a thich indian accent calling my office and my cell phone stating that i owe money to a short term loan company. i know he is lying because everytime he calls its the same guy just a different name (Steven Johnson, Carl Johnson, James Johnson, or Andrew Baker). At one point he said he was Police Officer Jonathan Lee (since when do cops call regarding lawsuits?? ) I did actually entertain the call for awhile at one point cause they caught me off guard. I work for a Law Firm and know the law and what they are telling me is going to happen to me is obviously false. They said that they rep a short term loan company and i asked what date was the money entered into my acct? – they said 11-10-10 (checked my acct – no such deposit into my acct) – i asked what was the last 4 digits to the bank account # – he said 8823 – which is not mine. I asked for the # for the loan company – after going back and forth (he did NOT want to give it to me) he finally provided the # When i called a guy with a thick indian accent answered and said he was with a loan company and needed my case # – so i went to the other phone line and asked the guy from the “law firm” for my case # – and he gave me a bunch of numbers – when i went back to the “loan company” i gave the #’s to him (but i switched the #’s around) and miraculously my account profile came up – give me a break!!! – total scam!!!! the #’s they call me from are 347-380-8980, 512-600-0493, 856-210-2580, and 215-909-6058.

  260. Donna McGinnis on   

    Same calls for the past month and even called to speak to my supervisor at work they just won’t leave me alone and that I will go to jail and to have my attorney call them and I just want help
    New number this week 18778104090
    Person with middle eastern accent calls himself officer robin Jackson

  261. Mark Wetzel on   

    The Bastard call me from the #619-365-5542. He claimed exactly what you reported. He said I must allow him to read all the charges filed against me without interruption, I listened for a while then interrupted he got mad and told me he was going to have me arrested. I asked him for a case number, he crinkled some paper and came up with 3pa-59864251. He said I had 24 hrs to have my attorney make arrangements to pay $9,000.00 for the pay day loan fraud. Oh ya, when I asked for his name he said it was Brian Curwitz, a guy that sounds like Baboo from Seinfeld is named Brian, right

  262. 408-459-3272- A guy named kennth, said the same things, I have to appear in court by 11am tommorrow and he had to read me the charges without being inttrupted. I closed my accouts and opened new ones and filed a complaint with my police department. This is insane.

  263. Cameron Lichtenwalter on   

    803-369-3108. Just called my mother’s house looking for me. Investigator’s name was William Oaks. Claimed that someone filed a claim against me and that a judgement will be issued against me if I do not contact them within 24-48 hours. Also noted that I should hire an attorney. I called the number back and got the same recording, that all investigator’s were busy and to please wait. A scam indeed. I am reporting to the FTC as well.

  264. 1-979-871-8770 I dont even know his name. I went to local police they told me to make bank aware of it and check my 3 credit reports to see if theres anything suspicious is going on there.

  265. OMG! This is ridiculous! How do you make them stop. I can’t believe they have the boldness to threaten you.

  266. Carolyn Klakowicz on   

    Received a call from “Lisa Smith” number was private.

    she informed me that she was a “private investigator” for “dockets liens and seizures” and that there was a pending complaint filed against me, and possible identity theft.

    She gave me the phone number 803-369-3108 along with a “claim nubmber”

    I was instructed to call this number for further action.

    I called them number, told them I knew they were a scam and they immediately hung up.

    what a croc!

  267. New short code they are calling from 91794 AND the caller ID says AHEMDABAD,INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. The number was 707-723-0185. He sais his boss’ name was James Brown and his name was Eric. Pretty much told me what they are telling all of you. I am so thankful I found this website. I hope this helps others.

  269. The keep calling and have been calling since October. They claim I have 3 case action lawsuits under my name and social. They provide me with my name, SS, address, email, work name and address, and my bank account information. They really did scare me with the first phone call. I immediately contacted the local authorities and requested a background check. I also signed up for identity theft protection for my social security number and credit protection. I have made the bank, my family, and work aware of these harassing, threatening, phony phone calls. I have had some many different names, company, and different phone numbers call. Most from the numbers above, but recently from 701-786-1571 from the US Financial Department. But, they are telling me the very same things mentioned in above. Do you know they even called me on Thanksgiving?? Please share what you find out and how we can handle this. Especially, when they are going as low as calling your jobs.

  270. First call from Eric Mathews 718-713-4439
    Second call from Matt Thompson (caller Id number 310-933-0195) but he left me another contact number 310-237-8555

    AFter applying for payday loan on line I have been harrassed by a man possing to be an attorney telling me i am having 3 charges of fraud against me for not paying a loan i never recieved. They have called me three times twice using the same script and when i actually talked to someone i was not given any information on this supposed loan. Very rude but they were sure to bless me!!

  271. Below is something creative I read that someone did in response to the harassment.

    First, I called them back and asked them if they needed directions to the memorial service or the funeral showing. The on the other end said “I do not understand what you saying” (very broken English, thick accent). I then asked, “Sir, what exactly was your relationship with the deceased? Because the memorial is open to everyone, but the viewing of the body is for family only.” He started in with “you must relay a legal message to XXXXX XXXXXX” (my name X’d out for privacy purposes). I told him that would be very difficult, considering XXXXX XXXXXX passed away six days ago, and my job was just to direct people on how to get to the memorial service. He stuttered a bit, then said “sorry to bother you” and hung up.

    Oh no, I wasn’t done there. I am just WAAAY too creative not to get even with these idiots even more. I then went online and filled out every “have an agent contact me” scam I could find. I entered their name (Charlotte) and their phone number 18006547444for free insurance quotes, free daily horoscopes by phone, free debt relief help, free home improvement memberships, etc. Hopefully that will cause THEIR phone to ring off the hook with telemarketing scum and scammers.

    But wait, there’s more. I couldn’t just hope they would get lots of calls, I had to make sure of it. So I signed into Craigslist for one of the biggest cities (most populated) that I know of. I listed an ad stating that I was in search of a payday type of loan, and for anyone in that business to call me and help me through the process. Again, I listed his name & number.

    Then I went into my “spam” folder in my email and found any email that said something to the effect of “you inherited large sums of money from Nigeria” (as an example) and responded to those emails with his name and phone number as well.

    Yes, it all is a little bit evil of me, but because these guys aren’t in the U.S., I really don’t think that our law enforcement is going to be able to do anything about it other than stick it in a file. If I come up with any more creative ideas to get even, I will definitely come back and post again so that you all might have some of the same fun!

  272. This people are crazy I am glad that I found this website. Thank you guys very much!

  273. Your very welcome April.

  274. They called my brother yesterday about the samething about a month ago. But this time it was a male that called him, he stated to my brother that he has a suepena for me and this is the only addres I have for me can he mail it there. My brother told this guy stop call here and he dosen’t live here.
    So I can that number back first time, he told me that it’s for cash advance payday loan and stated you had made payment agrrements of 105.95 for Dec 11, 2011 and it came back NSF. I told the guy that I request to cancel my payments and send me a supeona I cotinue to satted to him that I don’t owe no one sepecially CashAdvance” and I report my card stolen that night. I then asked for more information then all of sudden he hung up on me. I called back the second time got the same guy I talked, I first ask why he hung up on me, no answer, line was slience, when I said hello he told to wait why I get someone else, another guy came on and told what is going on, I relpy back you sound like the same person, only thing he said to me that the supeona will mailed out to me within 10-15 days, then he hung up up. I called the third tiime and got a female I have asked for their address and she continue to give me 4700 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC. I told her that strange when I looked up the address your business isn’t their, she stated we have been in business for 25 years at the same address, we like to keep our business private. Then I asked her why don’t you send any letters or legal documents to my address, her reply was we don’t send out documents. Then she butted in and “I have several calls coming I got to go” and she hung up. When she said that I didn’t hear no phones ringing.
    That business address I have spoken with the building owner and he stated told me that their is no business of that name in that building, never has been, The number isn’t even from Columbia Area, the number is from Salley, SC an hour away from Columbia.

  275. Phone number 646-328-2044; shows up on caller ID as “0000”.

    “Officer Michael Wright” (heavy Hindu accent).

    “Case file *******”.

    Went on to detail affadavits; wachovia bank; check fraud; stolen money; all from “US Fast Cash”.

    Offered me the option to “settle out of court”. Yeah right.

    I told him I had found out about this scam and was reporting his number to the Internet Crime Division.

    He stuttered a bit, and then said “turn on your tv, sir, within 2 days you will see it all over the tv” at which point I hung up.

  276. America payday called me Friday, stating that I did not pay back a loan of $500 and that it was sent to them on 10-21-11 for them to collect. They told me that I was going to be sent to court and I was facing three criminal charges. They also would not send me documentation about the debt. They kept saying we have already contacted you by email and that you have already received it before. They said since its an online payday loan and paperless they didn’t have to send me any papers about my charges. They said that they would send someone on Monday to my house to pick me up for court. Then they said we can offer you an out of court settlement but you would have to send $789.56 dollars via western union today. As well as an apology letter stating I was sorry and I didn’t mean to do this and that I wouldn’t fight the debt. The man that called me was Frazier no last name. The person they wanted me to send the western union to was christopher devenport. The number they called from was 818-351-8965. They would not tell me the name of the place that the loan was from. They just kept saying the website and that I had received the documents via email already. After I kept asking for proof they finally said that the payment option is no longer available and that it will be solved in court. I know I had nothing out standing for loans. I paid everything off in September and didn’t take anything out till november. Has this happened to anyone recently?

  277. Yes its the same old story with these guys. Since they cannot validate the debt that shows you its not a legitimate collector, as well no one who is suing you will pick you up for court.

  278. Tina Sewell-Smith on   

    I am in the same category. This guy name Mike, keeps calling my job saying I need to talk to him. I did get a payday loan through Cash Advance and I need to pay them. But these people keeps calling my job and using all of our extensions. My customers could not get through or if anyone is calling for an emergency. It is a 417 area code. What can I do?

  279. Give us a call Tina at 888-250-5005 and we can see what can be done.

  280. I made the mistake of poking around on some those payday-loan cash-advance type websites, which was due to me being a full-time student so scraping by on barely anything until my next student loan check, and now I have random calls ALL THE TIME! Even at the salon where I work part-time! Here’s a couple of them….202-280-7071, 200-000-0123(Really?? Last one even looks fake lol)

  281. I was contacted by this guy. It was a blocked number. It was a 646 area code. I thought something was funny about it but like it was weird, it seemed so legit.

    He said I’d be arrested in 2 hours if they dont have the money. I didn’t have the money! They said I owed 425 dollars.

    So, my stupid butt paid them $120…

    How do I get this back? And what do I do?

  282. The problem is you cant that is why they have you Western Union them the money. You cannot ever be arrested for owing a debt.

  283. 707-969-0053, 786-228-5563(Think he said his name was Lawn Mcloud),518-636-7150 (Officer Steve Martin at Hollands and hart law firm)

  284. Hi. I am EXTREMELY happy to find this website!!!!!! After literally ALL day about to have a freaking heart attack…I finally realized I was being scammed! A Lady from a supposed law firm named holland and schwartz (her name: Janice Hall) called me this morning and told me that I had to pay them $1000.00 today or they would put a warrant out for my arrest. Said I had three bad checks out but could never give me any information on who I owed. Said it went to collections and because collections could never reach me it went to them. Now they are taking legal action and are going to charge me the $1000.00 plus attorney fees, totalling 4700.00, AND put a warrant out for my arrest if I didn’t atleast pay the $1000.00 today. I almost did it people. They had me crying, shaking, almost went to the hospital over it….DONT FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!! I have also read online that NOONE can put a warrant out for your arrest for an unpaid debt. I wish I could find these people so I could rip their freaking heads off!!!! My head is pounding over this bs! What they do is, if you have EVER applied for or had a payday loan they can hack into your information and pose as a law firm. Incredible isn’t it????? Again….dont EVEN waist your time with them!! The stress they put you through is not worth it!! Had my husband at stroke level too.

  285. New number 213-261-5794

  286. 347-827-3358 Robert or Roger Finch, 607-595-2318 Officer Dexter Crew, 914-364-9985. I recieve threats call to pay a payday loan that was 6-7 yrs ago that I know I paid off. I was stupid and dumb when the first guy call me, Robert Finch. I never have anyone call and threat me to pay. I was scared and pay off about $1100.00 b/c he told me that it will settle my case. A month, like 3 wks later got a call from Office Dexter Crew saying that I still owe them $850.00. I panic again. They call me again at work. My supervisor answer the phone and the first thing they ask her was my last 4 digit of my ss#. She didn’t give it to them. I then got on the phone and argue w/ Dexter for like 20 min. I was thinking of paying them too. Came and talk to my supervisor and boss about it. They told me not to pay them b/c if i do owe money they should send a letter, but I never got it. I was navie and stupid. I even contact an Attorney on this. He told me that they’re just trying to scared me to pay them. They have no rights to tell me that they will have someone come to my work place to arrest me. So when Dexter call back I told him that I was not going to pay him, he went off at me that I should get my attorney to see who is right. That someone will be at my work place tomorrow to arrest me. Now he’s leaving threats voicemail on my cell.

  287. 813-333-0392 I can’t remember the name of the company, but that is the number. A woman called with a thick indian accent. She called this morning and left a message. The second call was this afternoon and I spoke with her. She told me she needed my lawyers information. I said I have already researched this call and it’s a scam. She said I owed $15,000. I laughed and said you are a scam. She said oh really, well when they come to your job in 30 minutes to drag you off to court you can explain that then. I said ok, that’s fine.

  288. I received a call today from 310-872-2186 demanding that i pay 300 dollars or be arrested immediately. Has this number been validated as a “scam” or is it an actual creditor??

  289. Brenda Rafferty on   

    These people have been calling me for months with several different area codes (410) (310) (950) etc. I made the mistake of giving them around 5,000 dollars in the beginning and now they won’t let me alone. They have called me at work, spoke to my bosses and supervisors! This is a nightmare. Now they are harrassing my coworkers, calling their wok phones and asking for me at all hours of the night and morning! Austin Reed is the person name and he is very rude and has a deep accent. Will this ever stop? I work at a hospital and this is so embarrassing! SOS

  290. Precious Johnson on   

    A place named cash now is calling saying they are going to have a warrant out out for my arrest. They filed my taxes for me and deducted their fee and they are saying I owe the fee if I don’t pay it I will have a warrant Monday morning. The guy who called saying he was “senior processor” for warrants also answered Cash now business phone. The number is 901-755-2292. Can they really do this? I have not received a letter from them or anything.

  291. 305-290-5108, 518-636-7150, 305-290-5108 are the three numbers that have been calling me since 1 pm this morning threating me saying i owe a payday loan from orlando florida its a bunch of bull wow he called me out my name i dont know how many times threatening to come to my house or sending a cop to arrest me im done with there games its payback time ….

  292. I have recieved these calls as well. Even at work and they told my secretary I would be prosecuted! The number is 814-347-2007


  294. Received so many calls on my cell phone that I changed my number. Then, while I was on vacation, a guy from “Adam and Lawrence Law firm” called my job (I work for a very high government official). I called back this morning, the number was 410-834-2599. He was very aggressive and said that his name was Adam Smith or Harris something. Said that I took a payday loan out and that I owe money. Said he has my SSN and my email address (he read my address to me), and said that they are filing a law suit against me. I told him I’ve never taken out a loan from anyone, and that I’d love to see his proof. He assured me that he has it, and said he’d email it to me. I notified my office in case of future calls, and I am notifying the Atty General now.

  295. They called me today with phone number 951-389-0290. Said I was going to jail for some payday loan I never took out and that the cops would be at my work in the morning. Good thing I work at night lol. I was in a panic until I called my police department and asked and they said they have seen this scam and that I cannot be arrested for this which made me feel better. They didn’t want to give up info and just got angry when I started asking questions and telling them I have never taken out a payday loan, they just said “you are going to be arrested in the morning and that is it” and hung up. They had a heavy accent the first guy that called my house left a message because I didn’t answer I couldn’t even understand. I got to work and found out they called there so I called them to see what it was. If they call again they are getting an ear full in ENGLISH!!! Hope they will understand what I am saying.

  296. Two new numbers for everyone: A Chris Jordan @ 1-855-385-2091 and an Ellis & Ellis Law Office “out of TX” but with a Virginia phone number 540-427-7652. I am filing a complaint today.

  297. I received a call this morning from 2 different numbers 646-666-6087 and at 210-401-3470. The first message was from heavy accented man claiming his name was officer richard lewis. I returned his call and he said I owed a payday loan company.He had all my info, but I told him I never received any money from anyone he said that I did. I asked when I received the money and how much? He said that he didnt have an exact date but it was 3 or 4 months ago and it was for 300.00 dollars. I was checking my account 3,4 months back and I told Im not showing any type of deposit for that much. I told him to again give me the date and I’ll call my bank and verify, he said he was not going to give me the date. So I told him I thought you didn’t have a date, but now your not going to it to me. I told I’m not going to pay him anything. He gave me case number that was bogus I called the the courts aand verified. 2nd call I got was a hour later from number 646-666-6087 claiming this was his 2nd time calling me but now his name was ron walker and he was a attorney(heavy accent).I cant remember the firm he said he was with but he told that I was due in court on the 22nd of June @1100am unless I wanted to settle out of court. He said I had 4 counts against me and that it was 4 total of 569.00. but if I went to court that It the company will sue me for 8000.00. I asked him again who the company was and what the amount was and when did this accure. He said he was going to read me this document and not to interrupt him. So nothing he said was was relevent. So I ask what was the original amount received and when and from who? He kept telling if I had a attorney and how much it will cost to get a attorney. So I called the courts to see if I had a court date the showed no record in superior and justice. I called city court and nothing. He said my ssn would be black listed and I would not be able to receive any type of goverment assistance from social security,unemployment benefits ect. I asked why havent I received any thing in the or been served to show up court on the 22nd of June. But your calling me on the 20th that I have court date. He asked well are you going to dispute or pay what was owed. I told him Im not paying anything. He ended the call with “we’ll see you behind bars”. It horrible that these people have my info and they do this. in reading these comments they are the exact samething that they were telling me.

  298. A new number called me today 202-461-3238. Name was bruce something heavy indian accent. didnt give a company name or any thing. just said I shouldnt disregard the message or else.

  299. Ok I received the same kind of call …this said that since I had not responded to their calls that a court order had been filed against my SS # and that I needed to call them at once. it was a recorded message. Number was 716-332-1646 call back

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  301. I have received everyone of these calls same scenerios, there for awhile it was really bad I was getting at least two or three a day every day they called on my cell phone, called me at work (I work for a government office) I tried everything to get them to stop calling nothing worked even gave them the police dept phone number. I told them that there was no one at my work by that name. They were awful, then all of the sudden they stopped for about 3 months then today they started again this time it was a woman and the caller ID came up as “top googlesites” no number. I started to listen to what she was saying as I thought it was some sort of telemarketer or someone wanting us to advertise with them,then she advised me that there was a lawsuit being filed against my SSN and that I was to appear in court tomorrow that is when I hung up on her, she called back almost immediatly and wanted to know why I hung up on her, I hung up again and she called back again, hung up on her for a third time, then I left to go home so not sure if she called again. So i am sure that I will start to receive these calls daily again.

  302. payday loan on   

    What’s up all, here every one is sharing these knowledge, therefore it’s fastidious to read this weblog, and I used to pay a visit this web site everyday.

  303. Brittany Lewis on   

    They did that to me today I didn’t know why to do so I paid the money I never been to jail I was scared of something I didn’t even do

  304. Same things done to me Starnet Inc.RAL 9196530786

  305. New scam California Cash Recovery
    “Brian Smith” ha that got me laughing as soon as he said it they are clearly foreign you can’t hardly understand what they are saying but its the whole same old scare tactics send us money or else I pretty much told you can’t get blood out of a rock and to kiss my @#$% because I know you don’t go to jail for civil matters.

  306. I received two of these calls. The first one, several weeks ago caught me off guard. Except for the thick Indian accest, it was very authentic sounding a somewhat scary because he kept saying that I had several judgments against me. I kept questioning what for and why and could not get an answer. Finally he said that some pay day loan company deposited $300 into my checking account and I did not pay it back. I knew he was wrong because I’m anal about my checking account and log in every day to monitor transactions and I knew that no one had deposited any money into it except me. The scary part was he knew my SS# and my bank account number. After ten minutes or so of being harassed, at first he said I would have to hire an attorney, then he said it would cost me $8,000 to take care of this, I finally hung up. Shaking, I called my bank and told them what happened. They put me in touch with their fraud department and because it’s their protocol to do so, they made me close that account and open a new one. Major inconvenience because I have a lot of automatic debits going to that account. Fast forward to today and I get another call from 806-496-3429 from some guy (again with broken English and a thick indian accent) claiming to be Sheriff Ricky something or other, I couldn’t make out the last name. He said he was a sheriff in Texas and there was a judgment against me, and they were going to arrest me in three days. Again, I got very upset, but kind of knew it was a scam so after a short time, I hung up. Then I found this site among others and realized the whole thing is indeed a scam. Well, I’m not done with this asshole. When I got home, I found his number on my phone and he also left a detailed message which I saved. I found the phone number is a Southwestern Bell (AT&T) phone number indeed from TX. I got the contact info to report them to the phone company but not before I have a little fun with this guy. Tomorrow I will call him back and pursue this a little. I’ll ask them when they are coming to arrest me because I’ve never been arrested before and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll ask if they will handcuff me because that really turns me on.Then I’ll ask if he will personally do a body cavity search because Indian men turn me on, I just love terrorists HAHAHA!!!. I have a few more things up my sleeve before I lower the boom on this scum bag and report his number to bell south along with filing a formal complaint. I’ll turn the tables on them and sue them or at least say I have a lawsuit against them and see how they like it. PLEASE do not fall for these phone calls. Call your phone company and report the number. Do everything you can to put these guys behind bars or at least out of business.

  307. My husband got a call at his job yesterday just leaving a number to call back and then we called it and got a voicemail with no name of company on it. I get a call this morning from same place saying that they are trying to seek restitution on a debt my husband owes from 2008. he said the statute of limitaions has run out and that is why they have it now and that in 2008 my husband got a payday loan through EZ Corp and that when presented to our bank it bounced and that if i didnt make arrangemnt with them to pay it right now he will have a server go to my husbands work and he will end up doing jail time and if he has to have back round checks for work that he would get fired because this will show up. He wouldnt tell me who he is collecting for if was this ez corp or the bank. tried to skirt around giving me the name of the company he worked for just gave me CCS so i acted stupid and said what is that. He said CASH CREDIT SERVICES they are on east coast. There number is 855-845-2641. This dont make sense to me because i paid bank whatever was owed i had to in order to get account at my new bank. so this dont seem right to me. anybody know who this place is or how to find out about this company.

  308. received a call to day from lady with heavy accent stating they represented a leagl service that had my name and social security number and legal action had been taken against me and they were come to my place of work and arrest me, i started to give her a rough time and she started stamerring and then kept repeating that legal action was being taken against me, I informed her that usually when legal action was being taken against someone they would receive notification through the mail and at times it would be certified or a registered letter. I told her to bring in on I was waiting for them. The phone number that I received the call from was 951-389-0292

  309. I had about 22 guys with thick curry breathed indian accents call me with Generic american names like Steve Anderson, Rick Williams , John Smith… etc etc… It took me a little while to figure out the first one, after that, they kept calling and I turned the tables… Some highlights and suggestions I have for peopel receiving these calls…

    1) Refer to the caller as APU (they like it when call them that)
    2) Google the phoine number that pops up on your phone, and start reading them what you find..
    3) Suggest to them that if they need more money, then stop tipping at restaurants (like one of them has ever left a penny extra in their entire life)
    4) Suggest to them that they suffocate their daughter so they do not have to pay the dowry (they like that one alot)
    5) Tell them you wish they were local so you could extend them a big LEFT handed handshake
    6) Ask them why they keep breeding, when their continent is already massively over populated
    7) Ask them how a country of 600 million on 1945 was ablr to be ruled by a pathetic little Island of 50 million…. Doesn’t that make them the biggest bunch of yellow cowards that God ever let in the door? (they like that one too)
    8) Ask them if they would like you to conference in the local department on the call, since your arrest is inevitable

    Tear them apart mercilously…. It is the only thing they understand… Make it clear that you would much prefer to be arrested than pay their lying, cheating, lazy, useless, scamming ass 1 dime… Until they understadn they are not gongi to receive a single penny you (which is the only outcome acceptable to them), they will keep calling… Once they understand that you know it is a scam, that they are powerless to do jack ____ and you are not going to give them anythign except a bunch of crap about their questionable heritage, then they will leave oyu alone… That is experience talking

  310. They use names like ERIC MURPHY and LEO FERNANDEZ and either claim to be lawyers, or debt collectors, or both. They are lying, filthy, scumbag subhuman criminal terrorists who are terrorizing my elderly parents. They all have THICK INDIAN ACCENTS. Stupid slimeballs.
    I filed two complaints, and about to file a third, in less than two weeks, with the FTC. They are working with “line of credit” clearinghouses that sending you emails asking if you are interested in opening a line of credit with LEGITIMATE BANKS (which they DO connect you to). But you have to provide your information. These guys in INDIA are HACKING INTO these clearinhouse’s databases (( I know this because they called my on a PRIVATE number in my vast department store, a private number no one but that ONE clearinghouse HAS, and they knew it, and called me on it, and even quoted me my social security number. I was appalled and infuriated and told them that as soon as I hung up, I was calling INTERPOL to have them trace the call. THEY HAVE NEVER SINCE CALLED ME BACK AT WORK!! but they are terrorizing my 83 year old mother with a weak heart.
    These S.O.B.s better beware: the US Government, the FTC, the FBI, and INTERPOL are ALL onto them, and they WILL be caught and punished with the UTMOST SEVERITY for all the horrible suffering, and PROBABLY HEART ATTACK DEATHS which they have no doubt caused, making them MURDERERS as well as EXTORTIONERS. The filthy non-human PIGS.

  311. Also, the Phony, lying Pig who called himself “Eric Murphy” called my mom today, terrorizing her that I was going to be served with a SUBPOENA THIS AFTERNOON if I did not call him back at such and such number. It was an (813) (tampa, florida area, area code) number. The Same number he left her last week when he told her to have me call.
    I CALLED IT and GUESS WHAT? I got a message saying,
    TO ANYONE” i.e., the number was bogus. And note that: A MAGIC JACK
    number. NO bona-fide lawyer or debt collection agency would be using a MAGIC JACK as their phone line. A MAGIC JACK, of all things.
    That hasn’t even been assigned to anyone yet. These scam artists are a ring, and to have access to use a MAGIC JACK number that is not active, not assigned, and to call me from it, this has to be an inside job conspiracy comprised of men from many different companies, employees of many companies, all working together.
    They need to get these filthy scumbags.

  312. This all sounds so familiar. I have been receiving these calls off and on for close to a year. The latest comes from Bryan Adams (yeah right) a guy with a thick hindi accent who has proven very easy to piss off. The numbers I get are from 903-375-4916. I told them dozens of times I know they are a scam and to stop calling me, but all that gets me is a one to three month reprieve, then they start again. Same script. Same CashNet USA. I’ve reported them to the FBI and IC3, but since these scam outfits are based in another country there isn’t a lot our government can do.

    I have to tell everyone, don’t let them get you mad. Despite what they say, they cannot do anything to you. The worst they can do is call you and yell at you. Just alert your boss and friends about this crap and ride it out. The other tactic would be get a new phone number, but that creates problems too.

    Nowadays I just have fun with them. I play loud rap music, punk, and ska everytime they call. Sometimes they even sit and listen to it for a while before hanging up. Othertimes I tell them to call me at home and give them the Indian Consul General’s phone number (which is 415-668-0967) as my home number.

    I think the best time I had with them was blowing an airhorn into the phone. I’m sure that hurt his ears like Hell and actually stopped them from calling me for 4 months. But of course, then they were back at it again. They don’t even change their tactics. They are a joke and I am treating them like one.

  313. I have recieved a very rude and threating call from a so called lawyer who clams I owe them money. (877) 825-xxxx that is the number

  314. Ethan Hunt from NCS phone shows 716-601-3063 but he said to call 855-888-6784. Again researching the numbers pulls up alot of comments as to this being another scam. With a name like that I wonder if he watched Mission Impossible.

  315. Got a call from 315-750-4384 from a guy with thick Indian accent saying he was Charles Green,Said he worked for a lawyer and that I owed a loan of 5000.00 dollars is about all I could understand he talked so fast.I tried to question him he got mad and hung up so Me and My son started calling him and harrassing him needless to say they quit answering but I knew it was a scam because I did nt borrow any money and could prove it If he calls back I will harrass him some more.Give me a break an Indian named Charles Green LOL

  316. These people have been calling me over a period off about three months and they have the accent you are talking about they claim to be with a law firm and have even went so far as to claim to be a detective from the NYPD they knew my personal info who I bank with and my employer so name but always get angry when I question them I will get the phone # and post it later I don’t know what to do beyond that

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